Custom BBQ Smokers

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24’’ diameter by 48’’ long 1/4" thick wall new pipe, 24" x 48" double door main chamber, 24’’x24’’x 22’’ square firebox, 4 sliding/pull-out food trays framed in angle in main chamber and one in the fire box, fully flanged doors to keep your heat inside main chamber , heat deflector, adjustable tuning plates to keep the temperature even from one side to the other. The main chamber holds several gallons of water to steam and moisturize the meat while cooking, then drain out of the bottom cap when finished to clean out.  One stainless steel temperature gauge, stainless steel cool-touch handles, two industrial heavy duty wheels and two heavy duty swivel wheels for easy mobility , 24’’x72’’ lower log rack is framed in 2'' x2"x 1/8 angle can be used for your wood or anything you want , 1 1/4" drain with steel cap , In the firebox, there is a tray that is 22” by 22” framed with angle for grilling steaks and is adjustable. 10’’x74’’ table. Fire box is ready for propane log starter. 24'' wide x 36'' tall vertical slow smoker with 4 slide out cooking grates each measuring 21''x23''. Painted with three coats of high heat paint and adjustable 5'' smoke stack. Total cooking area 4700sq/in, Weight 1300 lbs, each bottom grates 21''x23'', each top grate 21''x18'', fire box grate 21''x23'', our 1/2'' thick laser cut fire grate carries a lifetime burn out warranty

24'' x 48'' Offset Smoker w/ Vertical
SMOKER: LSG 24''x48'' w/ vertical
List Price $3995.00
Available upgrades for this Smoker
-Door counter weights, makes opening large doors easy for anyone.  (flame metal art is not included in price, add $50.00 for the flames) 
$200.00 per door
-High heat black touch up paint, this is the same brand paint we use to paint our pits with in a handy spray paint can.
$12.95 each
-Gas assist/log lighter in firebox. Includes , hose, adjustable regulator
valve to control flame. This is not a cheap tube burner its a 200,000+ btu burner that will not only help start your fire but is also will cut down on the time needed to bring your pit up to temp $125.00 
 -Add a warming oven/grill.  See video at left for detailed description 

-Upgrade to 8''  casters with rubber wheels includes 2 fixed rear wheels and 2 swivel casters with wheel lock and swivel lock, 1000 lbs capacity per wheel

-Slide out internal ash pan for easy clean out of fire box made from 1/4'' steel with 2 handles  
$95.00 each
-Upgrade to a 36'' tall x 30'' wide x 24'' deep square vertical slow smoker  with 4 framed slide out trays.   This unit will fit 2 full size pans side by side on each rack 
-160,000 BTU burner/fryer. Includes adjustable regulator hose,burner, and mount to smoker or grill  

Lone Star Grillz Shirts & Hats

Medium $18.00
Large $18.00
X Large $18.00
XX Large $20.50
XXX Large $20.50

Hats $15.00
-Charcoal Basket with removable "S" baffles, integrated handles, and a replaceable bottom grate made from 1/8'' plate steel used to increase burn times (Can last 8-12 hours cooking at 225-250)  $125.00
-Main Chamber Grilling grate, this option lets you turn the main chamber of your Pipe smoker into a Charcoal Grill.  The charcoal grate slides conveniently out through the fire box.  $75.00
-Folding front table option $50.00

Ash Rake with cool touch handle $40.00
Fire Poker with cool touch handle $40.00
-Upgrade to a insulated fire box for better efficacy in cold weather (You loose the grill top with this option)

-Upgrade to a 1/2'' fire box for better efficiency in all conditions and will last FOREVER!!! 1/2'' fire box carries our lifetime burn out warranty

-Stainless Steel front table  $250

-Brass Ball Valve Drain to make clean out a breeze 

-Tel-Tru temperature gauge, add additional gauges to your pit or replace your old inaccurate gauge with our re-calibrate able gauges

-304 Stainless Steel laser cut food grates for all cooking surfaces
-Fitted Vinyl Cover
-Personalize your pit with your company logo, team name, or anything that you like
$125.00 and up
-Probe ports, 1/2'' opening with a threaded cap
$25.00 each

-Automatic temperature control device fan port (Guru, Flame Boss, Stoker, etc.)

-Pull handle 

-Utensil storage rack for fire poker and ask rake mounted to the back of the main chamber
-Utensil hooks to hang tongs, spatulas, etc. 
$10.00 each
Options up to 36 Months
Finance Your Pit, Accessories, & Shipping
Options up to 36 Months
Finance Your Pit, Accessories, & Shipping
Grilling Mats-Two sizes, fire proof, and revisable (one side smooth other side textured).
30''x42''  $35.95
30''x60''  $45.95
-Lone Star Grillz Off Road Package. This is a true "Off Road" cart with 1000lbs hubs, 205/50/10 off road tires with light weight machined Aluminum alloy wheels and a removable pull handle to pull and steer with.  $795.00
-FireBoard Extreme BBQ Edition $249.00
-Fan Control Cable $89.00
-20CFM Fan $59.95
-Extra Probes $15.00
-3/4'' bulkhead fan adapter
-Flame Boss 300
Universal WiFi 
Controller $329.99

-Y-Adapter  $9.99

Meat Probe  $17.95