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Lone Star Grillz 24'' X 72'' Trailer Pit With Vertical Slow Smoker
All new 1/4" thick wall Pipe 24" diameter x 72" long main chamber double doors are fully flanged to retain heat, four steel 1'' angle framed sliding pull-out food grates in main chamber. Square firebox is 1/4" thick new plate 24" tall X 24" wide X 22" deep , heavy-duty slide out wood/charcoal grate, double flanged grill top door with sliding adjustable pull-out food grate for grilling. Upright is 1/4" thick wall x 24" x 24" x 36" tall with four steel 1'' angle framed sliding pull-out meat grates. The main chamber can hold several gallons of water for steaming and keeping your food moist while smoking, also makes it nice for clean out once your finished cooking. Double 5'' adjustable smoke stacks, heat deflector between fire box and main chamber with adjustable tuning plates to provide even temperature from right to left in main chamber. Framed 10" x 96" front prep table and 36" x 96" x 12" tall rear storage for your wood, ice chest , or anything you want also extends up to the front area. 1 1/4" drain and clean-out with cap, two 15" painted wheels or chrome (optional), 3500 lbs axle, custom made Stainless Steel cool-touch handles, Three made in the USA Stainless Steel Temperature gauges, 2" bulldog style trailer coupler, all custom trailer framed in 2" x 2" x 1/4" thick square tubing and all welded construction, complete with all wiring (completely hidden in trailer frame) and light kit, includes propane low pressure burner for fish or beans, log starter in fire box and   lockable propane tank holder.  Painted Black.  Our 1/2'' thick laser cut fire grate comes with a lifetime burn out warranty. 

More options available (see below)

Total cooking area 5200 sq/in 

Model #LSGTPWVS2472

LIST PRICE $6595.00 (Base model as listed above)
Trailer Pit Custom Options
-Upgrade to a 1/2" thick square firebox for better heat control in cold or rainy weather.  1/2'' fire box comes with a lifetime burn out warranty.
-Upgrade to a insulated firebox for increased efficiency, you lose the grill top with this option. Constructed from 2-1/4'' thick plates separated by high heat insulation.  $595.00
 -Stainless steel front shelf $250.00
-1 1/4 " Brass ball valve grease drain  (never get dirty again) $29.75
-Custom Paint job on our trailer pits. We can paint your trailer pit trailer any color of your choice. 2 coats industrial enamel primer and then top coated with 3 coats Automobile Urethane Enamel with clear coat
Cost $650.00 (for standard size trailers)
-Custom Metal Art $(Call for pricing)
-Door counter weights, makes opening large doors easy for anyone. (flame metal art is not included in price, add $50.00 for the flames)
$200.00 per door
    Custom Wheels 

-Chrome Wheels $50.00 Each 

-Mag Wheels (Call)
-Slide out internal ash pan for easy clean out of fire box made from 1/4'' steel with 2 handles  
-Add a enclosed and lockable storage box with stainless steel lid to your trailer.  Constructed from 10 ga steel, lockable slam latch, door gaskets, and bracket to hold lid secure in the open position.  Keep your valuables secure, dry, and protected.  The attractive S/S lid also doubles as a large prep and/or service area.

48'' wide x 30'' deep x 24'' tall $880.00

60'' wide x 30'' deep x 24'' tall $975.00

72'' wide x 30'' deep x 24'' tall $1075.00

-Add a "Santa Maria" style grill to your trailer pit.  Includes height adjustable cooking grate, removable charcoal grate, and constructed from 3/16'' thick plate.

30" wide x 30" deep $795.00

48'' wide x 30'' deep  $995.00

60'' wide x 30'' deep  $1195.00
 x 33'' deep x 24'' tall $905.00
72'' wide x 30'' deep  $1395.00

Copyright 2011 Lone Star Grillz:  Custom BBQ Smokers.  All Rights Reserved
-Upgrade to a 36'' tall x 30'' wide x 24'' deep square vertical slow smoker with 4 framed slide out trays. This unit will fit 2 full size pans side by side on each rack 
 -Add a warming oven/grill to your trailer pit. See video at left for detailed description 
-Upgrade to a Tandem Axle For your trailer pit.  Add an additional 3500 lbs axle giving you a total of 7000lbs capacity.  Includes 4 15'' painted wheels, 205/75 trailer tires


-Add brakes to one axle  

-Upgrade your storage box to a double lid with two locks allowing you to use one side for prep area and the other to access your supplies.

Add One Of Our Insulated Smokers To Your Trailer Pit
Add One Of Our Charcoal Grills To Your Trailer Pit
Options up to 36 Months
Finance Your Pit, Accessories, & Shipping