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3 Tips For Improving Your Outdoor Grilling Setup

by Chris Goodlander on 03/20/18

new bbq pits for sale

Grilling is one of the most popular outdoor activities across the country. In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau, in 2016, 79.1 million Americans reported grilling at some point. If you're one of the many Americans who love grilling, you are fully aware of how important your actual grill setup is.

You can always find new BBQ pits for sale, lay out some high quality types of BBQ, and find some great custom smokers, but there are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to improving your grilling area. Here are some tips for making the most of your outdoor grilling area:

  • Focus on lighting display -- Your grill setup might look wonderful, but you can significantly improve its look by installing some quality lighting fixtures surrounding the grill and even attached to your BBQ setup. Proper lighting is key for any grilling station so both you and your guests can see exactly what you're cooking. String bulbs above the grill can make an average grill station extraordinary. When looking for new BBQ pits for sale, consider how you'll install lighting on or around your grill. 

  • Have some extra seating around the grill -- Everyone knows the four or five guys who plan on hovering next to you while you grill and talk about the "best ways to smoke meat," but what about everyone else? When you're crafting the perfect grilling setup in your backyard, make sure you have an idea of where your guests and the rest of your family will set while you tend to the meats. 

  • Try to be as unique as possible -- Every grill setup should have a few of the same aspects, but you should try your best to be creative and original. Do something that you've never seen before to really improve the look and feel of your grilling area. Whether you're adjusting your actual grill or just the surrounding area, a little change and originality can be good. 
If you want to learn more about the art of the BBQ or find great new BBQ pits for sale, contact Lone Star Grillz today.

Pro BBQ: 5 Common Meat Smoking Mistakes

by Chris Goodlander on 03/12/18

ways to smoke meatThere are plenty of great ways to smoke meat that will result in an amazing meal. Unfortunately, there are just as many mistakes that can be easily made to result in a poor tasting BBQ snack. From picking the right smoker recipes to knowing when to apply the sauce, it’s important that you are fully aware of some of the common mistakes that people make while smoking their meat.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that end up ruining perfectly good slabs of meat:

  1. Oversmoking your meat -- The easiest way to ruin your BBQ is to let it sit and smoke for far too long. It's best to use a small, clean burning fire rather than a large amount of fuel, as well. It's easier to tend to a more manageable fire than it is to choke down a large fire, and your smoke will be better and produce a much better tasting meat. 

  2. Using low-quality smokers -- If your smoker is broken, old, or just not that great, your meat isn’t going to taste (or look) all that great, either. You should use high quality custom smokers to ensure the best possible smoked meat. 

  3. Applying sauce too early -- When smoking meat, in order to get the tastiest product, it’s best to apply the BBQ sauce during the last 15 to 30 minutes to prevent burning or excess browning. 

  4. Using too much sauce -- Even if you apply your sauce at the perfect time, if you use too much, it will ruin the case of the meat. Some of the best BBQ sauces out there are extremely powerful and only require a tiny bit -- so don't overdo it. 

  5. Smoking the wrong kind of meat -- You can't just toss any type of meat into your smoker and expect great taste. You need to use premium meat slices to ensure a much better result. There are different ways to smoke meat depending on the cut and type, so make sure you're aware of what meat needs what and spend the extra few bucks to get the best slab around. 

If you want to learn more about the various ways to smoke meat or find some high quality custom BBQ pits for sale, contact Lone Star Grillz right away!

Improve Your Grilling With the Best BBQ Sauces In the World

by Chris Goodlander on 03/08/18

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Americans are constantly looking to improve their grilling skills, and grilling is an essential part of American culture. From browsing for improved BBQ pits for sale to perfecting backyard grilling recipes, there are plenty of ways to become a better griller. Cooking year-round is a great way to improve your All-American grilling skills, as well. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HBPA), 60% of grillers cook outdoors all year-round.

The best way, however, to create the tastiest BBQ is to improve the sauce you're using. No matter how great your custom smoker grills are or how skilled you are in the art of BBQ, if you're not using a delicious sauce, your meat isn't going to be as good as it could be.

Here are some of the best BBQ sauces in the world that you should consider using during your next grilling session:

  1. St. Louis BBQ Sauce -- This kind of sauce is a little tangier than most and has a lot of influences within its flavor. 

  2. Southern BBQ Sauce -- The deep South's tangy sauce brings out the flavor in any kind of meat that it's applied to. This sauce is mixed with vinegar and tomato and works great for pulled pork. 

  3. Memphis BBQ Sauce -- Though most Memphis BBQ is served without sauce, more and more chefs in Memphis have been using a combination of sweet, vinegar, and heat for their meals. 

  4. Texas BBQ Sauce -- Starting with ketchup and then building up from there, this kind of sauce mixes so many amazing flavors to achieve a delicious taste. 
Additionally, there are plenty of individual sauce brands you can think about covering your next BBQ meal with. Here are some of the most popular BBQ sauces available today:
  1. J. Lee’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce 
  2. Stubb’s BBQ Sauce 
  3. Memphis Barbecue Co 
  4. 1934 BBQ Sauce 
  5. Smoke Ring’z Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce 
  6. Sweet D’s BBQ Sauce 
  7. Sweet Swine O’ Mine 
  8. Absolutely World Class BBQ Sauce 
  9. Victory Lane BBQ 
  10. Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce 
Before you grab one of those tasty sauces, check online for some great BBQ pits for sale first. If you want to learn more about improving your BBQ, you're going to need the right meat, the right sauce, and the right equipment. To find high quality BBQ pits for sale, or custom vault smokers like no other, contact Lone Star Grillz right away!

Which Smoker Smokes The Best Meat?

by Chris Goodlander on 02/28/18

reverse flow offset smokers

The Guinness World Record for the longest barbecue marathon took place in 2014 and went on for 80 hours. Imagine how much delicious smoked, grilled, sizzling meat you could eat in that amount of time. Wait, what if you could replicate this wacky world record on your own? If you have a grill already, then all you need is a smoker, a ridiculous amount of meat, and lots of patience.

Of course, if your priority is quality smoked meat over world-record breaking quantity, then you really only need some fine cuts of meat and high quality smokers. But which type of meat smoker should you get?

Standard Smokers
This type of smoker has the heat source, or firebox, directly underneath the cooking surface. This allows for a compact and cost-effective design. It's also very easy to use to make a succulent smokey rack of ribs during your next barbecue. That said, since the heat is right underneath the meat, sometimes the bottom gets cooked a bit more than the top.

Offset Smokers
Offset smokers try to do away with the problems of traditional smokers by making a separated firebox that stays off to the side of the cooking surface. The smoke from the fire is vented into the cooking area and the out of the chimney. Even though this improves on the problems of traditional smokers, the meat closest to the firebox still cooks a little faster.

Reverse Flow Offset Smokers
This type of smoker could quite possibly make the best smoked meat you will ever eat. It works in the same way an offset smoker does, except instead of just having a firebox off to the side with a small vent to let smoke waft in, reverse flow offset smokers have a heat guard which forms a channel. The smoke flows all the way through this channel to the opposite side of the smoker before it comes in contact with the meat. This ensures even cooking and smokey splendor.

You also don't have to worry as much about temperature fluctuations when adding fuel to the firebox, because the channel is so long in this meat smoker that the smoke will cool to pretty much the same temperature no matter what you do.

If your mouth is watering with thoughts of honey glazed ribs, hickory smoked pulled pork slathered in barbecue sauce, bourbon basted beef flanks or all your other favorite smoker recipes, it might just be time for you to pick up your very own reverse flow offset smoker.

United States Grilling: 4 Great Styles of U.S. BBQ

by Chris Goodlander on 02/05/18

vault smoker

Americans love grilling. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 79.1 million Americans grilled at some point during 2016. More than the number, it says a lot that the U.S. Census Bureau reports this data.

Whether you're using a vault smoker, a custom stand up smoker, or one of our custom BBQ grills, as long as you have the right tools, skills, and meat, the food should end up as tasty as it looks. There are plenty of types of BBQ out there to choose from, and each one has its unique flavor profile.

If you really want to improve your BBQ game this year and impress everyone with whatever meal comes out of your vault smoker, you need to understand the four main types of classic American BBQ:

Carolina BBQ
Whether it's South Carolina sliced pork or a North Carolina-style shredded pork sandwich, extra coleslaw, Carolina BBQ is known for its variety of cuts and affinity for mustard and vinegar-based sauces. The Carolina style even rivals Memphis' pork, and the signature vinegar sauce really brings the meals together. The famous dish in this area is pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw right on the bun, with either a vinegar based, tomato-based, or mustard-based BBQ sauce.

Memphis BBQ
Though Memphis focuses on pork as well, they offer completely different pork meals than the Carolinas, which tend to cook up the whole hog. Memphis pork can either be served in rib form as wet (slathered with tasty sauce after smoking) or dry (no sauce at all, just smoked with seasonings). The sauce used in Memphis features a tomato and vinegar base rub.

Texas BBQ
When most people in the U.S. think BBQ, they think Texas-style sweet BBQ. Typically, there are four additional regional styles of BBQ within the Texas style: East Texas, which is essentially Southern BBQ, Central Taxes, which hearkens back to German and Czech butcher shops, West Texas, the famous "cowboy style," and South Texas, which features delicious plates of barbacoa.

Kansas City BBQ
Kansas City style grilling is characterized by a wide variety in its meat, including beef, pork, and lamb. Though Kansas City BBQ might not have the famous signature dishes that can rival the other three main BBQ styles, each meal does its best work as a whole. This style of BBQ places a very strong emphasis on the sauce and the French fries surrounding the meat.

If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of delicious BBQ meals or find a high quality vault smoker, contact Lone Star Grillz today. It's time to get outside and start grilling, so enjoy the process and enjoy the meal.