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It's Time to Start Thinking About Summer 2018: 5 Great Property Ideas

by Chris Goodlander on 10/18/17

custom bbq pitsSummer, sadly, has come to an end. It was a great few months and now it's time to recover and enjoy the relaxing cooler seasons. As you go through fall and winter, however, you should keep your property in mind so you can have an even better summer next year.

Here are a few great ideas to improve your backyard and guarantee a successful summer in 2018.

Have a nice patio built
Don't just have a boring patio laid down on your property. Have an amazing one. You can turn a nice outdoor patio into an even nicer outdoor living room with a little planning and hard work. Your guests next summer will surely appreciate all the new open space on your property, too.

Install custom BBQ pits
The Fourth of July is the most popular grilling day in the U.S., with 87% of people planning outdoor cooking events for the day. But you don't need to wait for Independence Day to enjoy some fine smoked meats with some friends and family. Having custom BBQ pits on your property is a great way to impress all your neighbors during your next meat smoking party. It doesn't get any better than having some high quality vertical charcoal smokers inside custom BBQ pits.

Build a tree house
This idea isn't necessarily for your neighbors to enjoy during your next BBQ, but it will certainly allow for the kids to better enjoy themselves. You don't have to do anything too difficult, just a slide and some swings can be a blast for children. But if you want anything more advanced, consider working with professionals.

Add an outdoor bar
There is no better way to spend a summer night than sitting outside at your very own outdoor bar. Although everyone who visits your property will love having a drink at the outdoor bar, you'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself with your spouse at the end of every summer night, with or without everyone else.

Build a stone fire pit
To really achieve the perfect backyard, next to your BBQ pit and outdoor bar should be an amazing looking stone fireplace. Fire pits will enhance your property's visual appeal and even increase its value.

Make sure you relax and enjoy the next few months before you get outside and have fun again. But be sure to consider all these great ideas in order to improve your property and guarantee a fun summer. If you want to check out some different types of BBQ pits for sale, contact Lone Star Grillz today.

3 Tips for Serving the Best Smoked Meats

by Chris Goodlander on 10/16/17

bbq smoker customization

Grilling is a skill that every American citizen should know how to do. And fortunately, many people do understand it! In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 79.1 million Americans spent some time outside grilling over the last year. But while plenty of people know the basics, it takes a skilled griller to understand how to produce the best smoked meats and really impress dinner guests.

Here are some tips for better grilling and smoking that will help you achieve the coveted title of best smoked meats.

Use custom smokers
The type of grill or smoker you're using might not matter in the eye's of the average griller, but it certainly does matter to the professionals. If you truly want to have the tastiest, perfect meats, you should use high quality custom BBQ pits to do all your grilling and smoking. Consider working with an experienced company to learn more about BBQ smoker customization for your setup. BBQ smoker customization can give you a significant advantage when it comes to grilling in your neighborhood and all your neighbors will soon realize that you're backyard is the place to be for the best meats.

Get the right slab of ribs
You can't expect to serve amazing tasting BBQ if you're using poor quality meats. You should do your research well before you begin grilling so you know exactly what types of cuts are the best for each grilling situation. Don't just grab any slab of meat from the local store -- spend some time and select the perfect cut. Your guests will certainly thank you for it.

Keep your lid closed
One of the major mistakes when it comes to grilling and smoking meats is that people open up the lid far too often. It makes sense that you're curious about how the meat is doing, but you have to just let it sit and trust the process. Opening the lid can drastically alter your meats and give you unflattering results. Keep it shut, no matter what.

Follow these helpful tips if you really want to serve the best smoked meats during your next BBQ. If you want to check out some high quality vault smokers or learn more about BBQ smoker customization, contact Lone Star Grillz today.

Weekend Perfection: 6 Tips for a Better Barbecue

by Chris Goodlander on 10/10/17

custom bbq pits

Although summer is just wrapping up, that doesn't mean you can't still have a nice weekend barbecue. As long as you have the space, the equipment, and the hungry guests for it, a BBQ is a great way to mark the end of summer and welcome the cool fall weather.

It's important, however, that you make this BBQ a major success -- unless you want your grilling reputation to suffer. Hopefully, these tips will make your next BBQ event a smashing success, and everyone leaves happy (and extremely full).

Clean your grill!

Whether you’re cooking with deluxe, custom BBQ pits or vertical charcoal smokers, you should scrape them clean before and after each use. It’s much easier to remove debris when it’s still hot, so use a long-handled wire brush to clean off charred debris from prior meals. Also, scrape once again as soon as you’ve stopped grilling.

Be gentle with your seasoning

If you rub your seasonings too hard into your meat, you'll run the risk of damaging the fibers and texture of the food. Over-seasoning meat is not the way to go for a successful BBQ. You should try and be as delicate as possible when applying rubs to your food.

Toss in some grilled veggies

Although the steak and ribs will certainly be the dish of choice during the BBQ, you can really impress your guests with some delicious grilled vegetables. Tossing some asparagus, onion slices, bell peppers, and sliced squash on the grill, coating them in olive oil, and serving them with your meats will surely impress everyone at the BBQ. For a dash of color, throw in some grilled fruits as well. Grilled pineapple, cinnamon apples, and even peaches can be great additions to any meal.

Take your time

For tender meats, be sure to go very slowly and avoid rushing. Even though you might have dozens of people and screaming kids in your ear, be sure to take your time. They will thank you for it once the meats come out grilled to perfection. Custom BBQ pits aren't there for getting in and out as quickly as possible -- take your time and cook the food right.

Don’t sauce your meat too early

When smoking meat, your sauce should be applied during the last 15 to 30 minutes to prevent excess burning or browning. Unfortunately, some novice grillers treat their sauce like a marinade. However, if you sauce your meats too soon, especially when you're using a sweeter sauce, your meat will likely burn poorly.

Let the food rest a little

Just because you take the food off the grill doesn't mean it's time to eat. Not just yet. Give the cooked food enough time to rest so you can achieve that juicy, perfectly flavored taste.

Don't let the remaining warm weather weekends pass without having some fun with your best friends, family members, and delicious BBQ. If you want to learn more tips for getting the best smoked meats, discover more delicious smoker recipes, or find custom BBQ pits for sale, contact Lone Star Grillz today.