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Achieve the Perfect BBQ Setup With Quality Lighting, Seating, and Tunes

by Chris Goodlander on 05/23/18

bbq pits

In 2016 alone, according to the United States Census Bureau, approximately 79.1 million Americans enjoyed some type of outdoor grilling. After moving into a new home and figuring out your furniture layout, paint designs, and all other interior aspects, you should start focusing on having the best possible BBQ pit for your backyard.

Family BBQ pits can significantly improve a backyard's look and feel while increasing its overall resale value. Far too many homeowners simply purchase a lackluster grill and leave it at that. Unless you never plan on enjoying some delicious smoked BBQ and don't enjoy having fun-filled backyard parties, you're going to want a high quality grill and a great BBQ pit setup.

Here are some tips to consider that will turn your current grill setup into the talking point of your neighborhood:

  • Focus on comfortable seating -- Don't waste all of your comfortable furniture on your home's interior. Have some great seating options outside so you and your guests can all relax under the stars. If you want your grilling area to look amazing, you'll need more than some stone seating and beach chairs. Spend the money and get some high quality seating surrounding your BBQ pits

  • Install some quality speakers -- Take your BBQ party to the next level by allowing all your guests to jam out to some fantastic tunes. Even if you're grilling by yourself, it'll be so nice to listen to your favorite band or ball game while you cook up some tasty meats. It can really make the difference between a subdued, boring evening and a true celebration. 

  • Don't forget about lighting -- Though you're going to be grilling primarily in the afternoon or early evening, some of the best BBQ parties go well into the night. Make sure you are cognizant of your grilling area's lighting so you can see all those smiling faces enjoy all that delicious food. It'll help you cook the meat to an ideal temperature and ensure the safety of everyone around you. 
Don't just leave your BBQ area as is. Start working on improving your grill setup to impress your neighbors, family members, and friends. If you want to find high quality custom BBQ pits for sale, give Lone Star Grillz a call today.

4 Most Popular Meals That Are Enjoyed Across the United States

by Chris Goodlander on 05/02/18


Understatement of the century: Americans love to eat.

Though the average American certainly enjoys snacking on chicken wings and a big slice of apple pie, it's the big meals that get most of the attention in American cuisine. From classic BBQ dinners to bacon and eggs in the morning, there are plenty of popular meals that are rarely turned down. Here are some of the most popular meal options in the United States:

  • BBQ -- July Fourth is the most popular grilling day in the U.S., with roughly 87% of people planning some sort of holiday cooking event, but people enjoy barbecue all year-round. Whether you're using slow vault smokers or a small portable grill, once you place the chicken or steak onto the plate of your guest, it will be devoured in a matter of seconds. 

  • Pot Roast -- Some beef mixed in with cooked carrots and some golden potatoes is the perfect meal for many Americans. This meal might take a long time to prepare, but all you have to do is toss everything into the pot, fill it with water, turn it on, and you can go about your day. A few hours later there will be an amazing pot roast meal waiting for you at home. 

  • Macaroni and Cheese -- Ask anyone between the ages of five and 40, mac and cheese will probably be a common answer for favorite food. Mac and cheese is the perfect comfort food and can be customized in all kinds of creative ways. Bacon and Eggs -- Simple, but amazing. There isn't a breakfast table in America that hasn't had a delicious plate of bacon and eggs on it at some point. This meal is perfect for starting anyone's day, but people aren't just eating this dish in the morning. Bacon and eggs can be a perfect meal option for breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner, and the coveted 2 a.m. meal slot. 

No matter what meal is your favorite, make sure you're trying new foods whenever you get a chance. If you want to learn more about some of these popular meals -- especially tasty BBQ -- or want to check out some custom smokers for sale, give Lone Star Grillz a call today.

4 Pro Tips to Produce the Best Tasting Grilled Meats

by Chris Goodlander on 05/01/18

vault smoker

From using the right kind of vault smoker to knowing exactly how long to apply BBQ sauce, knowing what you're doing at the grill is essential. You can spend years behind the grill but if you aren't constantly learning new tricks and focusing on skillful grilling tips you're never going to create the best foods.

To become the best grill master you can be, you need to focus on both the basics and the more advanced tips. Here are some great tips that will help you produce the best tasting meats and BBQ foods:

  • Apply sauce toward the end -- Far too many people cover their meats with sauce far too early in the grilling process. To produce the highest quality and greatest tasting meats, it's best to apply your sauce during the last 15 to 30 minutes in order to prevent excess burning or browning. 

  • Burn away excess residue -- Having too much residue on your grill can result in some lesser quality meats. Turning on all burners to their highest setting for around 15 minutes can easily burn away any excess residue on a gas grill. 

  • Take your meat out an hour or two before adding it to the vault smoker -- Taking your meat out of the fridge an hour or two before you start smoking it will allow you to reach the best temperature, cut down on smoking time, and produce the best tasting meat. 

  • Smoke your meat slowly -- Spread out your grilling time and don't cook at that high of a temperature so you can keep your meat moist and get it as nice and as tender as can be. Make sure you're careful when applying any sauces that contain sugars because they will burn right away. 
The nice weather is right around the corner and it's time to start improving your grilling and BBQ skills. Hopefully these tips can help you become the best grill master you can be. If you want to find some high quality vault smokers or check out some custom BBQ pits for sale, give Lone Star Grillz a call right away.

Health Benefits of Eating Salmon, Chicken, and Even Steak

by Chris Goodlander on 04/27/18

bbq pitAmericans love grilling all kinds of food products. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HBPA), approximately 60% of American grillers cook at outdoor BBQ pits all year-round. Though you shouldn't eat steak multiple times a day, every day, 365 days a year, there are some health advantages of eating steak and other delicious grilled foods (within moderation).

From a great tasting steak to a fresh cut of chicken, here are some of the main health benefits of these three delicious BBQ options:

Smoked Salmon
Improves bone and joint health -- Eating salmon and other types of fish is a great way to keep your bones and joints healthy and strong. Some of the fatty acids found inside salmon have been shown to keep osteoporosis at bay, as well as prevent hip fractures, bone resorption, and inflammation issues.

  • Cognitive improvements -- The nutrients found in salmon also increase the efficiency of various brain functions, especially for memory benefits. 

  • Strengthens the heart -- Salmon can also help reduce systemic inflammation and the risk of developing atherosclerosis, hypertension, and suffering from a stroke. 

Grilled Chicken
Improves immune system -- Since chicken has a lot of healthy minerals inside, it can give a significant boost to your immune system. That's why eating chicken before or during a cold is a great way to get back to feeling better.
  • Decreases risk of arthritis -- Chicken has a lot of selenium inside it, which cuts the risk of developing arthritis at later stages of life. 

  • Relieves stress -- Eating chicken is also great for calming people down. Since it's filled with pantothenic acids that have calming effects on the nerves, chicken works as a natural stress reliever. 

  • Prevents anemia -- Steak is rich with iron, which is great for preventing anemia or red blood cell issues, as well as fatigue. 

  • Lowering cholesterol levels -- A common misconception within the grilling community is that steak is full of cholesterol. When cooking up steaks on your outdoor BBQ pits, you're actually dealing with niacin, which can lower bad cholesterol. 

  • Increased energy levels -- Eating steak can also give you a boost because you'll be converting carbohydrates into glucose in order to generate more energy. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits of healthy BBQ, or find quality outdoor BBQ pits for sale, give Lone Star Grillz a call today.

4 Tips to Throw an Amazing Family BBQ This Summer

by Chris Goodlander on 03/27/18

family bbqSummer is on its way and that means it’s almost time to fire up the grill and start serving that delicious barbecue. But just because you're cooking up some tasty meats doesn’t exactly mean you’re throwing a successful family BBQ.

Approximately 75% of American households own a smoker or a grill and are prime spots for fun-filled BBQs. In order to throw an outdoor BBQ party that’s fun for the whole family, you’re going to need to focus on some additional aspects of outdoor fun. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you throw a few amazing family BBQs this summer:

  1. Serve snacks and appetizers before the main course -- Obviously everyone is there for one reason and one reason alone: the BBQ. But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve some fun appetizer dishes and snacks throughout the party. Leave out some peanuts and trail mix for your guests to munch on while you perfect the meat.

  2. Let the music keep on rockin’ -- An outdoor BBQ without music is basically just an awkward sit-down. You should have music playing in the background to really invoke that summertime feel. Try to avoid taking requests, because that will full up too much of your time. Simply put on some classic jams and enjoy the sweet tunes and good eats.

  3. Don’t forget about the drinks -- Though the majority of your BBQ guests might prefer a nice cold beer to go with their meals, there will likely be other people there who would enjoy some fun cocktails. Try mixing some drinks and creating delicious cocktails if you really want to impress your BBQ guests. Also, make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for non-drinkers and the kids.

  4. Have some fun in between meals -- Encourage your family and the rest of your guests to play some games while the food is being prepared. Horseshoes, bocce ball, and other yard games are perfect for family BBQs.

If you want to find custom BBQ pits for sale or lean more about what it takes to become a grill master, contact Lone Star Grillz today.