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BBQ Guide: The Very Best Times to BBQ (Part 2)

by Chris Goodlander on 12/08/17

barbeque smokers

According to the United States Census Bureau, roughly 79.1 million Americans grilled at some point in 2016. We’ve already covered having a BBQ because it’s July 4th, the day of the Super Bowl, and a graduation party, but now it’s time to find a few more general reasons (and maybe a surprise) to fire up those barbeque smokers and get cooking.

Here are some more great reasons to invite your best friends over and cook up some various types of BBQ meats:

First Day of Summer
Is there a better reason to celebrate than the first day of summer? You just got your new bbq smokers and now it's time to put them to use. Meat smoking should be your number one hobby this summer, and your friends will certainly love you for it. As you're all standing around the smoker, admiring the meats you'll soon be devouring, you can all look forward to an amazing summer season.

Last Day of Summer
Is there a better reason to celebrate than the first day of summer? Yes, the last day of summer. Going out with a bang on the last nice day of the year is a must for any group of friends. Throwing a final BBQ celebration is the perfect way to commemorate all the fun times that were had over the summer.

Hopefully, each Halloween from here on out is a good one and not too cold, but even if the cold is an issue, just toss on some extra layers. Honestly, Halloween is only fun when you're a kid. If you're an adult with kids, it can be pretty stressful. But if you can work it out to host the Halloween party, and grill up some delicious foods while the kids are getting all that candy, everyone will be happy. Grilling out on Halloween... what a pro parenting move.

Fire up those barbeque smokers and invite your friends over whenever you can. If you want to check out high quality new barbeque smokers for sale or barbeque pits for sale, contact Lone Star Grillz today and enjoy your meal! Also, keep an eye out for part three for even more excuses to cook out and have a celebration.

BBQ Guide: The Very Best Times to BBQ (Part 3)

by Chris Goodlander on 12/06/17

new bbq smokersWe’ve already covered some of the most popular reasons to gather everyone in your backyard, fire up the new BBQ smokers, and enjoy some delicious foods: including a few fun days over the summer, family graduations, and even Halloween and Super Bowl Sunday. But now it’s time to find a few even more BBQ excuses.

Here are a few more reasons why you should invite your friends and family over your place, show off your new custom smokers, and munch down on some amazing meats:

Backyard Wedding Receptions
If your family is celebrating a wedding at a specific location, you won't be able to grill, which is okay (we guess). But if it's a more casual wedding held on your property or a friend's, it's time to gather around the barbecue pits. Make sure to have plenty of extra seating so everyone can get comfortable and can avoid getting BBQ sauce over their nice wedding clothes, but everyone will eat much better at this wedding than likely any one they've ever been to.

Saint Patrick's Day
Why not? There are going to be people walking by your lawn all day long, you might as well enjoy some delicious food while you people watch. If you purchased new BBQ smokers in March, don't wait until the summer to put them to use. Throw on a sweater or two, grab a cooler, start cooking some meat, and enjoy!

If You Feel Like It

Truth is, you don’t need a reason to throw a great BBQ -- just do it! Maybe you want to go for the record for longest BBQ, which is approximately 80 hours in 2014 (per Guiness World Records), or maybe you just want to eat better tasting food. If you have custom BBQ pits, a group of people who enjoy eating, and some meats and spices, go for it. Have a “just because” BBQ celebration and it will surely be a blast.

If you want to check out high quality new BBQ smokers for sale, contact Lone Star Grillz today and enjoy your meal!

BBQ Guide: The Very Best Times to BBQ (Part 1)

by Chris Goodlander on 12/04/17

barbeque pits

We all love getting together to celebrate life’s biggest accomplishments, little victories, parties, or just random hangouts. Families and friends come together and share stories and laugh until everyone is too tired to carry on. While these types of gatherings are hardly unique to the United States, one thing does set apart American get togethers: delicious barbecue. No matter the cause for celebration, one thing that makes those special gatherings even more special is having everyone gather around high quality barbeque pits and grills. And if you have custom BBQ pits located on your property or custom smokers ready for on-the-go barbeque pits, you are surely going to impress all your friends and guests.

You’re going to need an excuse, however, to host these special BBQ events. Here are some of the best reasons to invite some friends over and enjoy some delicious grilled meats:

Independence Day
The Fourth of July is actually the number one most popular grilling day of the year in the United States. Approximately 87% of American citizens plan on hosting or participating in an outdoor cooking event for the special holiday -- and you should too. Don't be part of that 13% of people who are sitting around on this nice day and not enjoying time at barbeque pits. Fire up the grill and barbeque smokers and start cooking! After fireworks, baseball, and apple pie, delicious barbecue is as American as it gets.

Game Day
While Independence Day may be far away, there are plenty of game days to look forward to in the meantime. Whether you go tailgating every Sunday or only watch football once a year, don't let the football season pass without bundling up, inviting all your friends over (and having them bring a dish or two, too), and firing up your custom BBQ smokers. You're not going to be enjoying too much delicious BBQ over the winter, but game day is always the perfect excuse. Don't settle for poorly made frozen pizza like everyone else in the world -- go for the good stuff. So whether you are tailgating before your favorite college team's latest game or rooting on the home team from your living room, don't let this excuse for delicious barbecue go to waste!

Family Graduation Party

You're probably not all that close with your cousin's nephew... and that's okay. But if he graduated college or high school recently, he should be your new best friend. Any graduation is a reason to celebrate outdoors, which means as much BBQ as possible. For high school and college graduation parties especially, this is the perfect time to fire up the grill.

If you want to check out some great barbecue pits for sale, contact Lone Star Grillz today and enjoy your meal! Also, keep an eye out for parts two and three for more excuses to fire up the grill.

5 Tips to Tailgate Like a Professional

by Chris Goodlander on 10/30/17

pitmaker smoker

We're right in the middle of football season and that means it's time to tailgate as much as possible. Whether you're planning on attending some college or NFL games, or you just want to have a neighborhood block party and watch the games on the weekend, you should do everything you can to tailgate to the best of your ability.

From serving the right types of BBQ to wearing the perfect jersey, these tips will help you tailgate like the pros.

Tailgate with the right people
If you're not tailgating with your friends or family -- it might be tough to have the perfect time. Having some drinks and enjoying some good food with strangers can be fun, but if you really want to ensure an amazing time, you need to have your best friends in the world right there by your side.

Bust out the Pitmaker smoker
According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HBPA), 60% of grillers cook outdoors all year-round. Tailgating season is the perfect time to get that Pitmaker smoker and make some delicious food. Check out custom smokers for sale online and cook up some of the best tailgating food imaginable.

Keep a toolbox in your vehicle
You should have a toolbox in your tailgate but ditch the tools. Rather than having a hammer and some screws inside, have some tailgate essentials inside your toolbox for a great time. Keep a bunch of bottle openers, toothpicks, spatulas, tongs, trash bags, paper towels, basting brushes, and other tailgate essentials inside your toolbox.

Bring plenty of fun with you
Simply sitting around and having a beer can be a blast, but if you're tailgating for a while you should consider doing some other activities to pass the time. Bring can jam, a few footballs, a table for games, and anything else you can think of that might be fun for you and your group to enjoy.

Claim your area right away
Tailgating can actually be pretty competitive. It's important to get to a good location as early as possible and begin setting everything up right away. If you wait too long, other tailgaters will put down their tables and chairs in your space and you won't have as much freedom to enjoy yourselves.

As long as you go into your next tailgate party prepared, you'll surely have a fantastic time. Enjoy yourself and if you want to find quality Pitmaker smoker grills, contact Lone Star Grillz today.

3 Great Tips For an Affordable Barbecue

by Chris Goodlander on 10/26/17

how to clean gutters

It's never too early to start planning your next barbecue. If you're constantly thinking about your smoker grill and about making delicious meals for your friends and family, you shouldn't deprive yourself of those thoughts. You should, however, start brainstorming some ways to save some cash during the busy football and tailgate BBQ season. If you love grilling as much as we do, then you'll be spending a lot of time cooking some delicious food in the coming months. That's why finding ways to save some cash is a must.

Here are a few simple tips to have a great BBQ on a budget.

Don’t buy the most expensive meats
There is plenty of tasty steak, chicken, and fish that you can find without breaking the bank. For some reason, too many grillers still think that the only way to achieve a delicious taste is to cook the most expensive cuts of meat available. That's simply not true -- you can find excellent meats at a great price that still satisfies your guests. Avoid top-dollar cuts of steak and instead experiment with grilling chicken, veggies, and flank steak.

Also, don't buy too much of any one meat at one time. Just because you found some at a reasonable price doesn't mean you should buy as much as you possibly can. You only need a few slabs of meat for a successful BBQ event, so don’t overdo it.

Make your own sauces and rubs
Stop spending so much extra money buying sauce. Sure, it's delicious, but if you take some time to learn, you can make your own wonderful BBQ rubs and meat sauces at home. Start mixing some spices together and toss in some tomato sauce -- you might actually stumble upon a fantastic BBQ sauce recipe.

Use a high quality smoker grill
According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA), roughly 75% of all U.S. households own a smoker or grill. Not all those grills are all that great, though. You might need to spend some extra cash early on to find an excellent smoker, but it will be well worth it in the long run. Using a high quality smoker will ensure that your meat is actually being cooked thoroughly and you're not wasting too much meat (and money). There are plenty of high quality custom smokers for sale or barbecue pits for sale that you can check out over the fall and winter. And because a BBQ pit smoker is a relatively rare piece of equipment, your guests are sure to think you're a BBQ master.

Whether you're excited about football season or not, it's time to start getting excited about your next BBQ. If you want to check out quality smoker grills for sale or learn more about grilling, contact Lone Star Grillz today.