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It's Time To Start Grilling Healthy: Part 1

by Chris Goodlander on 01/04/18

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There are four main styles of barbeque: Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, and Carolina. Thanks to a recent change in nationwide eating trends, however, another BBQ style could be making its way to standing smokers across the country: healthy grilling.

Millions of Americans enjoy grilling any time they can get out and set up the standing smoker or their barbecue pits, but not too many Americans focus on healthy foods while they grill. Hopefully, this grilling guide will help you eat healthier this year and showcase your new healthy grilling skills to your friends and family during your next barbecue.

Here are some healthier food options that you can grill up that are just as tasty as those ribs. Well, almost as tasty.

  1. Loaded grilled cauliflower -- Make sure to go easy on the loaded portion of this dish, but grilling cauliflower steaks can be terrific alternative to the loaded baked potatoe. Tossing a little cheese, sour cream, and bacon on top can really bring the meal together, but not too much. 

  2. Caesar salad -- Sounds strange, right? Put tossing lean chicken on the grill before serving it over a bed of greens can be as tasty as it is healthy. 

  3. Salmon -- Salmon has a lot of healthy fatty acids and can be quite filling. If the salad and cauliflower isn't enough, pair it with some slabs of grilled salmon. This fish dish is the perfect main course for any healthy grilling meal. 

  4. Scallops with lemony salsa -- Using dry scallops, and not ones that were stored in liquid preservatives, is your best option. Also, be sure to coat them thoroughly in oil before you grill them so they don't stick. Serve with your favorite citrus-infused sauce or salsa, and you'll have another health main course on your hands 

  5. Eggplant -- Grilled eggplant is another delicious meal that is also very healthy. In addition to the health benefits, grilled eggplant can also be very aesthetically pleasing. Whether it's a side dish or part of an entree, this is a super healthy alternative to grilled steak or pork. 

It's time to start taking your grilling -- and your health -- seriously. Try out these healthy grilling food options the next time you set up your standing smoker and enjoy. If you want to find custom smokers and custom BBQ pits for sale, contact Lone Star Grillz today. Also, keep an eye out for part two of our series on healthy grilling!