-Stainless steel front shelf $250.00 for back yard pits call for trailer pit prices

                                -Upgrade to a 1/2" thick square firebox for better heat control in cold or rainy
                                weather (24'' pits only) $450.00

                                -Upgrade to a insulated firebox for increased efficiency  
                                you lose the grill top with this option.  Constructed from 2   1/4''                                                                    thick plates  separated by high heat insulation.  (24'' pits only) $595.00

                              -Adjustable tuning plates for even temperature cooking from side to side. (Tuning 
                              plates come standard on the 24'' series pits, this option is for 20'' pits only) $165.00

                             -1 1/4 " Brass ball valve grease drain $29.75 (never get dirty again)


                            -3'' Stainless steel TEL-TRU MADE IN USA temperature gauge fits our 1/2'' ports 
                            This is our custom "LONE STAR GRILLZ" temp gauge come standard on all our pits or 
                            upgrade your old unreliable "import gauges" with our TEL-TRU gauges widely 
                            recognized as the most accurate and highest quality gauge available.  2 1/2'' 
                            or 4'' stem.  $38.50



-Custom welded letters (call for quote) 

                         -Custom Metal Art available. Company logo, etc. (call for quote) We have a fully
                         automatic CNC plasma cutter so the sky is the limit when it comes to  
                         the metal art we can produce for our customers

                          -Stainless Steel Food Grates.  Custom laser cut 10ga 304 stainless steel.                                                  Grates are priced by the sq/in, all cookers have listed in the description
                         the total cooking surface in sq/in (this includes the grill grate in the fire box) the cost 
                         $.16/sq inch

                          -6'' BBQ Spring Handle, fits over 1/2'' rod

Retail Merchant Account
-Door counter weights, makes opening large doors easy for anyone.  (flame metal art is not included in price, add $50.00 for the flames) (24'' pits only, not available for 20'' pits)
$200.00 per door
-High heat black touch up paint, this is the same brand paint we use to paint our pits with in a handy spray paint can.
$12.95 each
-Gas assist/log lighter in firebox. Includes , hose, adjustable regulator
valve to control flame. This is not a cheap tube burner its a 200,000+ btu burner that will not only help start your fire but is also will cut down on the time needed to bring your pit up to temp $125.00 

 -Add a warming oven/grill to any 24''  offset pipe smoker, offset vertical smoker, or trailer pit.  See video at left for detailed description 
24'' series $595.00

-Upgrade to 8'' solid steel with rubber wheels includes 2 fixed rear wheels and 2 swivel casters with wheel lock and swivel lock, 1000 lbs capacity per wheel (24'' and insulated pits only)

-Slide out internal ash pan for easy clean out of fire box made from 1/4'' steel with 2 handles  (24'' pits only)
$95.00 each
-Add a 36'' tall x 24'' wide x 24'' deep square vertical slow smoker to any of our offset pipe pits with 4 framed slide out trays.  
(24'' pits only) $1025.00       
-Add a 36'' tall x 30'' wide x 24'' deep square vertical slow smoker to any of our offset pipe pits with 4 framed slide out trays.   This unit will fit 2 full size pans side by side on each rack 
(24'' pits only) $1275.00       
 -Custom Paint job on our trailer pits. We can paint your trailer pit trailer any color of your choice.  2 coats industrial enamel primer and then top coated with 3 coats Automobile Urethane Enamel with clear coat
Cost $650.00 for standard size trailers
-160,000 BTU burner/fryer. Includes adjustable regulator hose,burner, and mount to smoker or grill  
$325.00 - $495.00 depending on smoker 

Lone Star Grillz Shirts

Medium $18.00
Large $18.00
X Large $18.00
XX Large $20.50
XXX Large $20.50
All Purpose Grill and Smoker Mats.  1/4'' thick 100% recycled material, mold free vented bottom, UL-94 HB burn test approved, Easily cleaned and stain resistant, and best of all MADE IN THE USA

42''x30''  $32.00
60''x30''  $40.00
-Charcoal Basket with removable "S" baffles, integrated handles, and a replaceable bottom grate made from 1/8'' plate steel used to increase burn times (24'' pits only, not available for 20'' pits)  $125.00
-Main Chamber Grilling grate, this option lets you turn the main chamber of your Pipe smoker into a Charcoal Grill.  The charcoal grate slides conveniently out through the fire box.  $75.00
-Folding front table option $25.00
(not available on 20'' pits)
Ash Rake with cool touch handle $40.00
Fire Poker with cool touch handle $40.00