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Lone Star Grillz is a family owned company in business since 1997.  All our years in the metal fabrication and manufacturing industry have given us the experience necessary to provide the finest BBQ smokers available.  During our many years in business we have found the key to success is to provide the best products at a fair price all while treating our customers like our own friends and family.   At Lone Star Grillz we build the best smokers money can buy, we specialize in traditional Offset Pipe SmokersOffset Vertical smokers, and the wildly popular Insulated Vertical Smokers.   All of our smokers are hand crafted one at a time in our own fabrication shop by skilled craftsmen.  With many standard size models and dozens of upgrades available there are thousands of possible combinations that will surely meet every customers individual requirements.  We take the time to visit one on one with each customer in order to build a product that fits your needs, be it a small basic offset pipe smoker or a fully loaded insulated smoker for your restaurant or competition cooking team.  We strive to out compete our competition on quality and price, in fact there is not another manufacture that can provide the level of quality that we do and maintain the best pricing in the industry.   We utilize state of the art technology like Laser cutters, CNC plasma, CNC press brakes, and a vast network of "just in time" suppliers that ensure we maintain the best quality products, in the least amount of time, for the best possible price.   We think we currently have the best smokers in the industry but that doesn't stop us from constantly innovating and improving our products as well as our manufacturing process to make sure we are always on the cutting edge.  All our smokers have been built and tweaked using sophisticated computer modeling to ensure they "draw" correctly, distribute heat evenly, and out preform anything on the market.   Please click on one of the pictures above and it will take you to a page specifically about that type of smoker with sizes options, pricing, and custom accessory options.  Please keep in mind that Lone Star Grillz is a "build to order" company and we do not maintain stock on our smokers, grills, or trailers however your welcome to come by our showroom and look at many of our more popular models during normal business hours.   We are not just a manufacture but also a consumer of our products, we have used them all extensively and know them inside and out and will be happy to listen to you, your needs, and steer you in the right direction.  We are not used car salesmen, pushy, or high pressure, so rest assure we are here to help you get exactly whats best for you not best for us.  Thank you for looking and please contact us with any questions you may have.
30'' Adjustable Grill
48'' Adjustable Grill
20''x48'' Pipe Grill
24''x48'' Pipe Grill
Santa Maria Grills
Click On The Pictures For More Details On Each of the Pits
Propane Fryer/Burner 
Options up to 36 Months
Finance Your Pit, Accessories, & Shipping