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Lone Star Grillz "Large" Insulated Cabinet Smoker
Introducing our most efficient smoker yet.  Constructed from 11ga steel, both the interior and exterior with 2000 degree insulation sandwiched in between.   34'' wide x 28'' deep x 48'' tall (55'' tall with casters).  4 Nickle plated NSF approved wire slide out food grates with 6.75'' clearance between racks.  Each rack measures 24'' deep x 27'' wide.  Each rack can hold 2 full size foil pans.  In between the fire box and cooking chamber is a full width and depth water pan that is constructed from 1/4'' steel.  The water pan includes a 1 1/4'' drain with ball valve and also a fill line accessible from the top of the smoker.  With the water fill feature you can add water to the water pan with out having to open the door.  The main chamber includes one of our custom Tru-Tel "made in USA" temp gauges.  The fire box includes a over sized charcoal basket that slides out for easy filling, and a slide out ash pan.  Both include cool touch handles.  The fire box includes a 2'' ball valve to precisely control temperature and are easily adaptable with the Stoker or Guru.  Both doors are sealed with high temperature gaskets, and both have commercial oven slam latches that are lockable.   Both doors are wrapped in 14ga stainless steel.  The backyard model (pictured) has 2  2''x5'' rigid casters and 2  2''x5'' swivel casters.  The smoker is painted with 4 coats of high heat black paint (other option available)  Weight 850lbs, crated weight 1100lbs, crate dimensions 48''x52''x70

Cooking capacity is 2600 Sq/In with standard 4 racks
Cooking capacity can be as much as 4550 sq/in by adding 3 additional cooking racks

Base Model List Price $3095.00

-Folding stainless steel side table 24''x20''  $250.00

-Stainless Steel handle $50.00

-Tie down Rings $75.00

-8" Locking Wheel upgrade $125.00

-Adjustable "T" Plates for fire box  $45.00

-Removable heat deflector for fire box, this will allow the smoker to come up to temperature faster, use less water at any cooking temperature, and allow you to cook with water at much higher than normal without making to much steam and condensation.   $50.00

-Custom paint Job done with automobile urethane and clear coat (contact   us for color options)   $450.00

-Extra set of grate rails $25.00 each (up to 3 extra)

-Extra cooking grate $75.00 each (up to 3 extra)

-Competition Smoker Cart (This includes 8'' wheel upgrade with total locking casters, S/S handle, and 24''x20'' S/S table) $545.00

-Competition cart with "Off Road" Package $1215.00

-Replacement door gasket set $60.00

-Vinyl Cover Standard model $234.00
-Vinyl Cover with competition cart added$274.00

Our insulated smokers can be mounted to your trailer or one we build, we can make this a built in for your outdoor kitchen, and we can build this from all stainless steel
Have a different design in mind, send us your drawing
we can build anything
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This unit will hold 40lbs of charcoal or a combination of charcoal and your flavor of wood in the charcoal basket.  With 40lbs of charcoal this smoker will maintain 225 degrees for 30-35 hours.  There is no temperature differential from one cooking grate to the other, meaning this smoker will be the same temperature no mater were you place your food.   The water pan will hold approximately 6 gallons of water, or liquid and at the above temperature will consume around 1 gallon every 2-3 hours.
Safe operating temps between 180-400 degrees (do not exceed 400 degrees as this can damage some parts of your smoker).
2 foil pans full of sausage, 3 Pork Butts, 2 Briskets, 1 empty self, and room to spare on the other  3 shelf's.  No lack of space in this smoker.
Adjustable "T" Plates
Fully adjustable and removable "T" plates help regulate burn pattern, burn timing, and smoke control.
2 "Mini" insulated smokers next to our large version for size comparision
Standard "High Heat" Black color
The video below shows how easy it is to replace the door seals on our insulated smokers when or if they ever need replacing.
Competition Cart
Shown Below with the 3 Extra Rails Added  
Options up to 36 Months
Finance Your Pit, Accessories, & Shipping
Create delicious food with help from Lone Star Grillz’ insulated BBQ smokers. We have several popular insulated vertical smokers available, and all of our products are handmade by skilled craftsmen. Nothing beats barbecuing or smoking meats. With an insulated vertical smoker, you can create amazing mouthwatering, restaurant style meals from the comfort of your home. 

We pride ourselves in using state-of-the-art technology and premium materials to bring you the perfect product at a great price. Even though we firmly believe that we offer the best smokers in the world, we strive to keep getting better. To learn more about our custom insulated BBQ smokers, please give us a call today. We’re excited to speak to you and help you find the smoker of your dreams!
-Grilling Mats-Two sizes, fire proof, and reversible (one side smooth other side textured).
30''x42''  $35.95
30''x60''  $45.95
-Flame Boss 300
Universal WiFi 
Controller $329.99

-Y-Adapter  $9.99

Meat Probe  $17.95
-FireBoard Extreme BBQ Edition $249.00
-Fan Control Cable $89.00
-20CFM Fan $59.95
-Extra Probes $15.00
-3/4'' bulkhead fan adapter
Competition Cart with Off Road Package