Santa Maria Grills

Our Lone Star Grillz Santa Maria Grill is built to last a life time.  The grill body and stand are constructed from 10ga carbon steel to retain heat more efficiently and out last thinner made competitors grills.  The charcoal grate and charcoal grate are constructed from 3/4'' 9ga expanded metal for even the smallest grill items yet thick enough to last a lifetime.  The bottom of the grill is sloped to the center for grease and ash collection and there is a stainless steel collection tray on the bottom for easy clean up.  Inside there are 3 removable charcoal grates for ample air flow under the fire and easy clean up when your done grilling.  The grilling grate has an adjustable range of movement of 32'' enabling you to sit right on top of the fire for "Hot and Fast" searing or high above for "Low and Slow".  Includes 2 5'' casters and 2 5'' swivel casters (for cart models only).   Bottom of cart is framed in with expanded metal giving you lots of room for storage.   Available in three sizes and also available as a built in for your outdoor kitchen.

36"x30"    List Price $795.00
48''x30''    List Price $995.00
60''x30''    List Price $1195.00
72''x30"    List Price $1395.00 

Available options
Stainless steel folding side table 24''x20'' $250.00
Stainless steel side mounted pull handle $50.00

 Same price for our built in model or mounted to our cart
 Also available in smaller widths, please call for quote

Options up to 36 Months
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