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24''x48'' Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Our 24''x48''  gas grill is built to last a life time.   The grill is constructed from  14ga 304 stainless steel with all welded construction.  The 48'' model has 6 2''x1/4 thick tube burners custom milled for us.  All burners are independintly controlled from 6 valves.  All burners have electronic ingnition.  Inside there are two cooking levels with 9'' of separation.  Total cooking capacity is 1700 sq/in.  Includes high pressure regulator, 2 of our custom TRU-TEL temp gauge, and custom grilling grates from  

SALE PRICE   - $4495.00 (Built in price)
Call for price on cart mounted unit.
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24''x48'' Square Charcoal Grill

Our 24''x48''  Charcoal grill is built to last a life time.   The grill is constructed from 3/16 carbon steel to retain heat more efficently than thinner made competitors grills.  The hood is made from 14ga 304 stainless steel with a large "stay cool" handle.  The 48'' model has 2  separate adjustable charcoal grates allowing you to raise and lower your charcoal in 2 zones  from 12''-3'' from the bottom grilling grate for "high heat" grilling or "low and slow".    Inside there are 3 side out and removable grill grates, Bottom 2 24''x24''    Middel  12''x48''    Top  10''x48''  giving you 2500 sq/in of grilling capacity on three different levels.  Includes removable ash pan for easy clean out, our custom TRU-TEL temp gauge, 2 5'' casters and 2 5'' swivel casters (for cart models only).  Pictured is our built in model also available at the same price is our mobile cart mounted unit  

SALE PRICE  $2195.00 ("Hybrid Unit" Stainless steel and carbon steel)
- $3895.00 (all stainless steel model)
 Same price for our built in model or mounted to our cart
 Also available in smaller widths, please call for quote

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