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I received the pit today,it looks great
Hey Chris, 

We got the fire pit Thursday and tried it out last night. It worked great!!! I have a friend that is a welder and he said it is well built. He wanted to know how you rolled the square tubing?


II love it!! It's cooks very well and I am constantly getting complimented. I tell everyone about you, hope it helps.

Chris I unloaded at 2. Started seasoning it. Cooking fajitas on wok right now. Great thanks


We presented the fire pit today to the bosses. They were thrilled. You did an excellent job. Thanks for your help.


Merry Christmas,

Hey Chris,

The smoker is a cooking beast. I have already won one competition with it and have done several catering jobs.


24 x 48 Back Yard Smoker
I got my 24X48 back yard smoker home and it took 3 of us to get it off the trailer, into the backyard, and up on the concrete patio. I immediately coated it with oil and built a small fire to start seasoning it. The next day I cooked some sausage and chicken on it which turned out great. The tuning plates were easy to drop in and helped to hold a consistent temperature throughout the racks. I think it cooks better than the oven in my house. It is not just a pit but a work of art. As Emeril says “you can look at it and feel the love”. The attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship that your shop produces is outstanding. I cannot say enough good things about my pit. It was even better than advertised. I am extremely satisfied with the purchase!

Vernon , Pflugerville Tx.

Just wanted you to know how well the grill works! Did chicken on Friday
night and used the charcoal tray in the bottom of the smoker and it worked
great. On Sunday I did Ribs for Mother's Day and despite the rain and cool
weather, the smoker worked great and the ribs were awesome! (See enclosed
picture). Anyway, thanks for a great smoker/grill, the best of both worlds.

Rich Johnston Sr.
Professional Parts, Inc.

Hi Chris & Amber

My wife loves the grill and the artwork you did for me. Here are a few pictures for you to use. See attachments.

I will be sure to send folks to you because of the high quality of your grills.

Walter & Janis Richards
Conroe, Texas
​Chris and Amber,  
Just received your "thank you" card and it just confirms that your business is a "class act". I will be sending any of my friends or family that are'nt too lazy to cook, in your direction. I have been using the pit almost every day, ribs, brisket, pork butt, steaks and today I have a pork tenderloin and some beef ribs on as I type this note. Anytime you have an inquiry about your pits or the satisfaction of customers, feel free to use my name. Thanks for the great pit, prompt completion, and great personal attention in all details.  

Gary Orsak


​Hi Chris
How much for a stainless steel shelf to go over the one that is on my 24" vertical smoker I bought from you? Oh I love this smoker, I cooked for 1200 people on it in june and it handled it like a champ. I went to my first cook-off with it and took 2nd in chicken, 7th in pork ribs, and 10th in brisket...this is definatly a cooking machine. 

Michael Sargent

Amber and everyone at Lone Star Grillz,
Just a quick note to say my smoker arrived in perfect condition and looks to be everything that I hoped it would be. 
From your web site to initial phone calls to delivery of the finished product, you all have been very professional, friendly, and have left no stone unturned to make this work.
When purchasing such a product from such a long way away, you just hope for the best....and I truly believe I found that.
The rest is up to me to get it going, and I am sure I will have years of quality smoking ahead. Thanks for maintenance tips which I will assuredly do. I will keep your info handy for all friends and family looking for a super product and a company that truly cares.
Good luck, stay busy...and send some rain this way!
Ed Beashore
Kansas City Kansas

LoneStar Grillz,

Chris and Amber, I want to thank you for my smoker, it was a gift from my wife for my 50th b-day. Smoked on Labor Day with my brother who was very impressed, smoked 3 briskets, 5 pork ribs, & 2 pork butts. Had a 1/4 inch smoke ring, fall off the bone ribs and juicy pulled pork. I'm very impressed with it beyond my dreams, that I don't have to go to my dad's to do it. My wife is very happy with it, she's a bark addict. But I need to ask can you make branding irons like the brand you added to my smoker (also very impressed with) and pot holders with the same brand. Let me know and if can a price, would like 3 each. Thanks again family and friends were very impressed with y'alls work and finished product.

Sincerely and very grateful,

Don McAdoo
​Hello,I would just like to thank everyone at lonestargrillz for the wonderful smoker you built for me.As soon as I opened the crate I knew I had made the right decision in choosing your company.The smoker is beautiful and there was not a scratch on it when it was delivered.I will definitely recommend your company to family and friends.Again thank so much.

Lamar Rushing 
Name Kevin Crawford
Product 24''x36''24''x36''
Comments Thanks Lone Star Grillz,
I drove over 200 miles to pick up my 24•36 smoker site unseen just going by the pictures on the website. I have got to say when I looked the smoker over, I new I had made the right choice by choosing Lone Star Grillz ,the smoker is more impressive in person. Chris and Amber are real professionals!!!
Kevin Crawford.
Killeen Texas

​I picked up my grill Friday night. I could not be more pleased with your product. Thank you for the quality and beautiful design. The "TEXAS" with a longhorn below is very nice. The way the grate fits the bowl and all of the materials are sturdy and fit together to make a solid high quality pit. Thanks again, 

Gary Wells
John Staby
24 X 36 Smoker


As soon as the smoker arrived, it was unpacked and immediately seasoned. The ease of using this is incredible, take it from someone with zero experience smoking. The smoker holds temps wonderfully and has ample room for brisket, ribs and upright chickens. Quality craftmanship, top-notch materials and welding (I am a structural engineer and have seen bad welds) and quality paint job.

Great job, I am absolutely a proud owner
Dan Turner

Just fired up our pit and love it. Y'all did a really good job building it. I'm looking forward to a good steak soon!   Just fired up our pit and love it. Y'all did a really good job building it. I'm looking forward to a good steak soon!

Mike Hill

​20X40 smoker

Wanted to let you know I received my smoker and it was shipped in great shape. The crating was so good it took me 45 minutes just to set it free. My biggest concern was how to get it from the front of the house to the back yard on the soft ground. I came up with an idea. I bought two 4X8 pieces of cheap plywood and me and my son in law pushed the 650 pound beast to the back by moving one piece in front of the other. It was no problem at all.

Thanks Chris for a great piece. Can't wait to start cooking.


60" Fire Pit

Have had a great time with family and friends visiting around and cooking on the grill. Great workmanship and quality at a very reasonable price. Planning another marshmallow roast with the grand kids this weekend.


24''x48'' smoker with 24''x36'' vertical

Thanks again the pit was more than I expected and she is beautiful. I am not even sure if I going to cook on it because it is to beautiful. 
I got back to San Antonio with no problems and with the use of a bobcat with fork attachments she was off loaded in about 10 minutes. 
I will be glad to advertise for you and all of my coworkers saw it yesterday and they too were in AWE of it like I was. 
I also think I just might purchase one of the cowboy pits......
Keep up the excellent work and talk to ya later.



Name Ken White
Product 24"x72" Custom Trailer Pit with Upright Vertical

 Hey Chris

I did two cooks on my smoker this Easter weekend and the food came out great. I did brisket, butts, ribs, sausage, and chicken. The smoker is very easy to use and just looks awesome, and the charcoal grill addition to the trailer works great as well. I am so excited to have this mobile cooking unit, and it was a pleasure doing business with Chris & Amber. Thanks for a great product at a fair price.


Name  Haniel Trisna

Product 24x48 Stainless / black hybrid square

Chris and Amber makes the best value smokers in the market. The level of customizable options are great and after almost a year old, the smoker looks and cooks wonderfully.

Definitely talk to them about your project!


Hi Chris,

I received the smoker yesterday and everything checked out OK. See attachment for a picture of my smoker in my backyard. I am very pleased with the smoker and the services the you provided and will spread the good work to my friends and family. 

Thank you! 
Finally got time to send pictures of the 24x48 smoker/grill installed in the backyard. As you can see it looks awesome! I am very impressed with the quality craftsmanship of the pit. It is easy to see the pride taken in the construction. As I researched smokers online I came to the conclusion that I didn't want a mass produced, large name product. They were more expensive and not near the quality. I always kept coming back to LoneStar Grillz website. I made the best decision for what I wanted. The size of the grill is even larger in person than on the site. It can handle an immense amount of meat to smoke or grill. The firebox was also bigger than I thought it would be. Im new at smoking but had a few avid smokers come over to give me a few tips. Needless to say, they were jealous of the pit. Being from Michigan I notice smoking is starting to take off in the Midwest. If there is anyone else looking for a pit I suggest checking the LoneStar products very seriously! The quality and service is outstanding! Chris even let me know he would answer any questions about smoking. So they don't ship the product and than just forget about you. By the way I was concerned about the shipping. However, the pit was crated very well and was set up so a hilo or pallet jack could handle it properly. When it was delivered the driver backed in the drive, used a pallet jack and wheeled it in my garage. I didn't uncrate it, I could tell it was in good condition. Sorry about the rambling but I am so happy with the purchase and many years of enjoyment. I want to thank Chris and all at LoneStar Grillz! It is a wonderful product!


​It's not the best photo because the sun was not cooperating but I love my new smoker. Seasoned it this past Sunday and can't wait for a cookout! I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the product but am more impressed with the personal customer service I experienced. Thanks again!

Massey Rodriguez
​20''x48'' smoker

Well, now that the excitement is over & we are uncrated & cured,I got my new smoker:),it arrived Wednesday at 130, undamaged. Man that log starter was sure worth the investment! Just wanted to drop y'all a line to say thank you, it did not disappoint, I have it loaded to the rim today with ribs, looked like I may need the tuning plates to get it evened up, so ill be in touch again soon

Thanks Danny McEwan 
 Jim Jones -  

Rockwall, Texas

Product 24 x 36 pipe smoker

A couple of months ago my wife, son, and I drove down to meet Chris and see his shop. I was immediately impressed with the quality of workmanship and attention to details. After looking at several custom pit makers in the Houston area, my choice was easy once I saw his finished products. I am a very picky customer and Chris was extremely patient with me throughout the process, right down to making a last minute change to my smoker.I received the smoker last week and it was just what I expected, main chamber door fits perfectly and the quality of workmanship is first class.If anyone is around Rockwall I will be happy to show it off. Thanks again Chris for your professionalism throughout the entire process, I will definitely be a repeat customer.


Picked up my 24 x24 vertical smoker last Wednesday, seasoned it over next couple of days then cooked on it Saturday. Loved it, held temp all day long used very little wood cooked 1 brisket, 2 racks of spare ribs, 2 racks of baby back ribs 16 baked potatoes and a pan of baked beans, had 2 empty shelf's and could have put a lot more on the shelf's I used. Great pit, 

Thanks Chris and Amber.



24"x 60" Smoker

I tell you what folks, before I became an PE, I spent my years in the oil field as a manufacturer/fabricator for 15 years. I had a chance to take a quick tour of this facility and it didn't take me long to recognize the quality that Chris and his folks put into their product. I am a perfectionist by trade and they impressed me enough that I put my order in the same day. 
Money is tight these days and you better do your research folks, check Chris out y'all, you wont be disappointed
I cant wait to slap some Brisket and ribs on my own smoker!


Ken White

Insulated Vertical Smoker

This is my second purchase and I must say that I am totally satisfied with it as I was with the first one. Chris and Amber are awesome, and their product speaks for itself. This smoker is a cooking machine and makes life really easy for me when I'm doing long cooks, just set it and forget it, and she will do the rest.

24''x48'' smoker

I love this pit! Seasoning today, first cook tomorrow. Thanks for making a great product!

24''x40'' with vertical smoker

The grill arrived safe and sound and with a little bit of red-neck ingenuity, it is now on our porch. You have made my husband a very happy man. Thank you for all the quality work!
Karen Adams
Richard Campa

Product 24x48 smoker

Its been a year since i picked up my custom smoker its one very well built pit,it holds temp very well the tuning plates help out a lot.I wish you and your family good luck. thank you very much for a true custom smoker.

Richard Campa 
San Antonio 
Bone Smacken Q!  
36''x84'' custom smoker

Hey Guys,

This smoker is amazing! It uses less fuel than my first one and it takes less time to get to my desired temp. I use about three sticks at a time and it keeps me at about 295 degrees. The size is perfect too!

​William Elkins

24x30 Vertical Offset Smoker W/Warmer

Hey Chris! I've had my pit for about a month now and I couldn't be happier! You guys built this thing like a tank and having seen pits built by some of the best I can say that the quality of the workmanship that went into it is second to none. She holds temps very well and hardly uses any more fuel than my old "cheap offset" from the local box store. Between the 30" wide main chamber and the warmer box and grill top, I have nearly a combined 6000 sq. inches of cooking space in a 2' x 4 1/2 footprint! That's crazy! I'm really excited about the warmer/oven and the many uses that it has. I wouldn't order a pit from you with out it because of the versatility it gives, heck I cooked a pizza in it the other day! LOL! Thanks for the great pit and I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone!

​24'' Offset Vertical Smoker

Arrived perfect and being seasoned as I write this, thanks again.

24''x60'' single door smoker

Hello this is Ronnie Jordan I am so pleased with the smoker I purchased. 
It's the bomb! !!  I will be in contact with you for future business
You're company is A Plus!

​2-4'' Offset Vertical Smoker

We're drinkin, we're drunk and this is the best tasting BBQ ever. Loving the high quality vertical smoker. Post that testimonial!! Ha. 

Insulated vertical Smoker

Just wanted to say Wow it's great just oiled it and lit it for the first time!!! 0-250 degrees in just 30 min. That would take about 1:30 hours on big trailer. Your shipping was also great had it in two days, in time to break it in at a competition. We will try our chicken wings and thighs in it.

Thanks again for all the craftsmanship you put into it. 

Tray NeSmith
Outlaw BBQ

20''x48'' smoker

My smoker arrived Late Friday, 9/27. Great service by Estes Freight. 
If you're interested, here is my evaluation...
Everything is as you show in your video. I love it !
The crate and packaging was also excellent. I took some photos of the smoker showing how it arrived, the crate, etc. Some potential customers might be interested in seeing this. You can put them on your site if you like.
I seasoned the smoker with lard for 6 hours at 200*. Then smoked some beef and pork ribs. They were excellent and I'm sure they will only get better.


24'' x 30'' wide vertical offset smoker

I did a dry run and seasoned the smoker over the weekend.. I cant wait to get some meat going.. This smoker holds temps right where you want it and easy to control. Cooking chamber is rock solid.. i had three temp props placed - top, middle, bottom and temps were within 3 degrees. The supplied temp gauge on door is also accurate.. This smoker rocks,, perfect size.. and i was surprised how easy it is to move the 1,300 lb. beast myself on the upgraded casters. ME VERY HAPPY. thanks, thanks, thanks,,,

kirk ellingson 
24'' x 24'' vertical offset smoker

Chris / Amber - Just want to let you know I received the new 24" offset w/ insulated firebox today along with the other mods... The pit is awesome.. Extremely well built, heavy duty, tight welds, great paint job etc. The packaging for shipping was also top notch.. It arrived in pristine condition. 
Can't wait to get it fired up !!
Thanks !!
Vincent F. 
Name Toney Bailey

Product vertical insulated smoker

 This thing is a beast! The build quality is second to none. The capacity is way more than I expected. Chris is a great guy to deal with. You wont be dissapointed. 



24x42 custom offset pipe smoker

I got my smoker 12/17/13 at about 4:00p and immediately got it out if its shipping crate and its wrapping to see this beauty! and immediately sprayed it down in pam and got it seasoned. i got this thing dialed in already during the seasoning process and how little amount of fuel to keep me at 225-250 is ridiculous. broke it in the very next day and boy does a smoker of this caliber make a difference. it is also ALOT easier to move this 1000lb beast than it looks and i had to push it uphill. worth every penny (including the $550 for shipping to sf, ca)! craftsmanship and customer service are second to none.

p.s i already have quite a few people already looking into getting one after seeing mine

thank you chris and amber,


Product Insulated Vertical Smoker

Just picked up the smoker Saturday and seasoned it in that night. Absolutely a beast of a cooker. Craftsmanship is top notch and this smoker is 2nd to none.


Insulated Vertical Smoker

Folks I am proud to say that she cooks every bit as good as she looks and I am positive that it will be even better when I get it mastered. The door closes like a bank vault and the tight closure and sudden thud assures you that ZERO heat or smoke is being wasted due to a poor fit. This cabinet is absolutely the highest quality engineering and manufactured with pride only found in Texas. I was thoroughly impressed by the extremely long burn times. (Chris is really conservative with his posted burn times) If you have heard of cabinets not producing a smoke ring or smoke flavor....IT IS NOT THIS ONE. Period. The first run produced wonderful product on all accounts. Chris, we may need to come up with a third shelf to display the awards she wins us. Congrats on a fine product!

John Carlyon
24''x36'' Offset pipe smoker

The purchase of my new smoker was painless due to your customer service attitude and willingness to work with me. I called two times to add accessories and it was no problem. I received my smoker Thursday afternoon and the hardest part of set up was uncrating it, took me about an hour. I have worked in the oil and gas industry for 40 years and been around construction the entire time and the fabrication and finish on my smoker may be best that I have seen. It arrived with no scratches or any type of damage. Y'all did a great job of crating.

Feel free to use the attached pictures and my comments as a testimonial if desired. Lone Star Grillz has a new very happy customer and will recommend Lone Star Grillz for the service, quality and best bang for buck of all the smokers I checked on the internet.

Doug Kimbrell  
Hi Ms Goodlander,

Our Grill arrived and we love it. Thanks so much! Your husband is very talented.


Doug Snyder

Fire Pit - 11-13


I looked all over the web for the best fire pit. Every part of the process - from selection, design, billing and transportation to our home in Annapolis, Maryland was easy and professional. Your pit is now a seasoned and central part of our activities with family and friends. Thank you.

We could not have made a better decision than Lone Star Grillz.


​Insulated Vertical Smoker

Love my smoker finally got it in its home looks great and cooks like a dream. Thanks again I'm one happy customer


Vertical Smoker

Our smoker was delivered on 04/04/2014. We are so excited and extremely happy with it! Your workmanship and customer service is top notch! The two weekends we have had it now have been non-stop smoking!!! I am thrilled to tell you that my husband and I are customers for life, but this smoker is so well built we will never need another one!!!! But don't worry, we are spreading the word about you and your company here in Missouri!


Good morning,

 I got it! My grill arrived at around 430 last night, my family was there as the truck driver rolled up the door, OMG! WOW is that big, We were all very excited, the box was the width of the truck, the truck driver said two more inches and he would not have been able to get it off. As it were I jump into the truck to help him unload, some scary
moments there. We got it on the ground, the driver bid his farewell, (he asked me, so how much was that thing, I replied 500.00 dollars! :) So here, as you know
is where the work begins! I toiled over that box for 45 minutes-1 hour, sweat was coming down my forehead and other places (A True Labor! :) What a packing job :) We rolled the Grillz to the backyard, unwrapped it.....then.... the sun shown down on it....., the birds began to sing,...... the world was right. ....EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!.... We had fun taking pictures, didn't get to light it up yet,
can't wait!
 Again thank you guys, all of you, for making this for us..... The Quality and the Beauty is Exceptional, Bar None!


​Rick Maddox

Vertical Insulated Smoker

Comments My thanks to Chris and Amber at Lone Star Grillz for a job well done! I had some modifications done like the door hinged on the right side and my build turned out great. My new Vertical Insulated smoker arrived last Friday morning unmolested and as soon as I got it uncrated, I started the seasoning process. I got a little ambitious on my first cook after seeing the quality of the smoker but knew it would turn out great BBQ.  I have been cooking BBQ for years on everything you can image. This cooker is so easily to cook on you can almost forget your cooking if not for the awesome smell. . Quality and workmanship is something that is hard to find these days and this beast is awesome. The smoker locked in at 225 and stayed locked on for 12 hours until I ramped up to 275 for my ribs and chicken. One of the best features is the even temperature from bottom to top shelf and the long burn times. Thanks again for an awesome smoker at an affordable price. 


​Jason Glynn

Insulated Vertical Smoker Trailer

Hey Chris,
I want to say thank you for the extremely well built Insulated Vertical Smoker Trailer. I ordered it off the internet, site unseen, and for me that was tough because I am a hands on guy. You answered all of my questions before hand and were very informative and I chose to move forward with one of your Pits. I showed up to pick it up and could not have been more pleased with the craftsmanship of your product. I took it to my first BBQ competition the week after I got it home. I seasoned it before I went but hadn't cooked on it yet, and I couldn't believe how efficient and consistent the temps were. Other than it being magic I couldn't explain how it could hold temps for 24 hours off such little fuel. I am proud to say I won 1st place Brisket, 3rd place chicken, and 2nd place exotic! We were the talk of the competition. I will send anybody that asks your way, and anybody that chooses to move forward with one of Lone Star Grillz Pits will be satisfied!


Jerry Cobb

24X48 smoker/grill

We have cooked a number of times and each time was remarkable. Love the way it heats up quickly, holds the heat. Done 3 catering gigs and everybody loved the food, the smoke flavor was outstanding. Would highly recommend this.
Competed two times with a 4th and 10th place overall We had a small issue with the lid and Chris and his staff took care of it quickly
Completely satisfied with this cooker

Ross Hebert

24 by 48 with vertical smoker

Chris and Amber

I picked up my smoker on Saturday and we managed to get it to my back yard with no damage. Seasoned it today and will do my first cook on 4th July. It's a beautiful pit and rather repeat how well built it is I just want to say its about time we can buy a product American made and built with American pride. Your workmanship is exceptional. Thank you for building my pit. 

Insulated Cabinet Smoker


"I couldn't be more happier with the Insulated Cabinet Smoker from Lone Star Grillz. The craftsmanship and quality far exceeded my expectations. This is the best cabinet smoker on the market, with the best features you could ask for. The cooking capacity, fuel capacity and water refill features are truly the highlights of this smoker. It makes cooking such a pleasure without hassle.

It was a pleasurable experience dealing with Lone Star Grillz. Chris and Amber have customer service down to an art"
Trey Hill
Product 24 x 72 Trailer Pit

Chris and Amber-

I couldn't be happier with my new pit. I got it home two days before the 4th of July and seasoned it that night. I cooked all the next day and fed the whole neighborhood on the 4th. The pit performed flawlessly.The food was great. The build quality and attention to detail on the smoker really is second-to-none.

Thanks for putting out such a high quality product.


Mark Gautreaux (Goat's Mobile Catering. LLC

Product- Insulated Vertical Smoker

Chris and Amber,

The insulated smoker is great!!!. The quality and workmanship is second to none. It cooks just as you said it would.  Smoked a pork butt Saturday and it was the best ever. The BBQ Guru is amazing. Held temp @ 220f for 13 hour smoke. I can't wait for my 24 x 30 Vertical Upright smoker for my catering trailer.

Mark Gautreaux
Goat's Mobile Catering, LLC
Montgomery, TX
24''x60'' Trailer Pit

After several months of endlessly scouring the internet to look at BBQ trailers, I finally decided to go with Chris and Amber from Lonestar Grillz. I purchased their 24X60 custom trailer with upright chamber. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only was the price within my budget; but also, the quality, workmanship, and service is second to none. I purchased a smaller patio smoker a few years ago that leaks around the door, fluctuates in temperature from right to left, and overall just not well made. I bought it from a Big box store but it was my first stick burner so it’s served its purpose. I mention that to point out that I’m aware of what inferior quality looks like. The trailer smoker I got from Lonestar Grillz is completely the opposite. Not only is it a piece of art and beautiful to look at; but also a quality made pit. The tuning plates make it easy to adjust your temps any way you want for your cooking style. There are NO LEAKS from around any of the doors. And once up to temp, it will hold your temps easily and recover quickly when you need to open the door to tend to the meat. I probably emailed Chris every day to every few days for about 3 weeks straight during the planning stages to finalize my plans for my build. Chris was great with making sure we were both on the same page with what I wanted. Not once did I feel like I was being an inconvenience or burden. It’s rare that you find both excellent service and a superior product with the same company but I found that with Lonestar Grillz. I would definitely recommend Lonestar Grillz to anyone wanting a custom professional grill!

Warren P. Brown
24''x30'' Off Set Vertical Smoker

I will take this opportunity to say how impressed I was with my new vertical smoker.

I have to say I was impressed with the quality of the workmanship. Your advertisements on utube are absolutely true on how you build your products.

And the way you packaged the product it would have almost taken a miracle for it to be damaged in shipping. It came all the way to CA in perfect condition.  

As my business needs grow I will definitely buy additions equipment from Lone Star Grillz.


Jessie J. Pearman Jr.
Bear Water BBQ
Insulated Vertical Smoker 

Just have to say that the new Insulated Cabinet Smoker is so awesome! From the day it arrived and I have to say you all put quality in even your shipping crate. So it took me a while to get to the priced smoker as I wanted to be like a kid on Christmas morning and open it in a matter of seconds because I was so excited! Was out of town for Thanksgiving and couldn't wait to start breaking it in as soon as I got back. So far it's been burning for 6 hours and have only used about 5lbs of fuel and it's also 30 deg. here in Oregon. That's impressive! We have the Bbq Guru set up on it as we use it on our stick burner as well..Great craftsmanship! We will spread the word!

Chads Smokin Bbq
20''x40'' Pipe Smoker

As the sun set today in Hamden, CT, the un-crating of
this beautiful smoker was completed. It arrived this morning undamaged,
and it's perfect. When something's perfect, there 's nothing more to say.

The first cook after the seasoning will be the Thanksgiving turkey.

  I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

Thank you. I'm proud to have joined the ranks of Lone Star Grillz owners.

-John Lohr



24x36 Smoker

  Chris and Amber thank you for an outstanding job "I couldn't be more happier with my 24x36 smoker. The doors are sealed tight with no leaks, the craftsmanship and the quality of this smoker are top class. All of my friends love it. And of course I told them where they can get their own. Again thank you and God Bless.

Kelvin, Bryan, TX
​Jon Heger

24" x 48" offset pipe smoker & 42" fire pit

Thank you Chris and Amber for the professionalism you exhibited throughout the entire process.
The quality of craftsmanship was extraordinary. 
The seal is tight on all the doors. I have been able to get within 2 degrees on each side within the main chamber.
All of the customization met my expectations. 
It was a fantastic experience and well worth the wait!

Jon Heger 12/5/14
Kelvin Morrison

24x36 Smoker

Chris and Amber thank you for an outstanding job "I couldn't be more happier with my 24x36 smoker. The doors are sealed tight with no leaks, the craftsmanship and the quality of this smoker are top class. All of my friends love it. An of course I told them where they can get their own. Again thank you and God Bless.

Kelvin, Bryan, TX


Insulated Smoker

I can't say enough about the solid quality of my insulated vertical cabinet smoker. The pictures and videos do no justice to the size and detail, right down to the weld. I hooked the Guru up for my first smoke and I produced the BEST pork I have ever had (In my humble opinion). If anyone is looking to buy a vertical, you will absolutely love this! The water intake is a major plus, the firebox is HUGE (full splits if you want), it holds heat so well my kids can touch the outside with no fear of getting burned, and it rolls on those 8" casters like butter. A special thanks to the entire LSG team who helped make this happen, in particular, Chris and Amber. They are the friendliest, knowledgeable, and trustworthy class-acts in the business. I will recommend you to ANYONE!!!

Thanks again,



LSG Large Insulated Smoker

All I could say was wow when It arrived. Great workmanship!
Enjoy cooking on this beast, and learning new ways to cook on it. If haven't had change to stop by their facility, awesome operation. Thank you for making my Norma Jean. Look forward to doing doing business again. 

Marco -Tex-A-Lina Cookers North Carolina


Insulated Cabinet "Mini"

There is not a great deal that I can say that has not already been said on this page. However, I am so pleased with my experience that I had to post something. WOW does not say enough about how pleased I am with the final product. THANK YOU does not express how I appreciate the customer service and strong communication. Like most this was a significant investment for my wife and I and we are glad to business with such great people!!!

Thank you!!
Carl (Little Elm, TX)
Donnie Ricketts

Insulated Vertical Smoker

  Amber and Chris run a top notch operation. The smoker comes in a nice protective crate. No cheap wrapping. I was impressed with the care taken to get my cooker to me with no harm. The workmanship is very nice and care given to detail. I have had one or two issues with it, BUT the customer service is unparalleled. Chris or Amber is on the phone quickly listens to the issues, looks at pictures and FIXES THE PROBLEM..I cannot be more pleased with my overall experience. I am not a weekend cooker. Mine has to work 5 days a week It takes a lot of cooker to go through 12-16 butts, 3-5 briskets and 10-20 racks of baby backs 5 days a week...Quality, Customer Service and Great people. 

Thanks for everything. 
Big D

​24''x48'' with vertical Offset Smoker

Hey Chris Got my smoker on 5/12/2015 Cooks great what an awesome job. Love the quality workmanship you put in to it. 

Thanks a lot. 

Mike Pappas

24x36" Offset Smoker

  Chris and Amber build an excellent quality grill for reasonable price. They are such a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend to anyone. I received my new grill on May 8, 2015 in great shape! Seasoned it on Saturday and had my first cook on Mother's Day! Can't wait to cook more food. Thank you again!

Mike Pappas
Newark, DE
Alex martin

20×48 w/ upright

I purchased a 20x48 w/upright about 2 years ago. It's been a blast to use. I've smoked ribs, brisket, chicken, etc. I really like the way it is easy to control the temperature with a log or two. I've put 12 racks of ribs, 2 pork shoulders and two brisket on it for an event, and they all came out wonderfully. I had multiple compliments by everyone there. I really like cooking on this and the way it works.


​24''x48'' with 30'' vertical smoker

Chris & Amber and all the folks who build these great pits at Lone Star Grillz, Thank You. Chris, thanks for all the good advice on the pit and answering all my calls, emails, texts on the build. You guy's do very clean work with great attention to detail. It only took a small fire to season the pit and it lasted for 4hours before adding another small log to finish the 6 hour seasoning. There was only a 5 degree difference right to left from the firebox in the horizontal side of the pit. We are so happy with this pit it was like Christmas in July when Amber called and said it was ready for pick up. ​



24 x 72 smoker trailer pit

 Chris, I commend you guys. This smoker is the best ever!!
Cooks great and commands attention from the moment anyone that passes by. I'm already thinking about upgrading, This one has paid for itself already!!


Jim Gates

24x60" offset pipe smoker( single door)

Ordered it at the Lone Star Grillz shop just after Christmas. Picked it up at the end of May. Worth waiting for. Excellent craftsmanship. ( Mine is the 24x60 single door video on his web site.)
You will get more than you expect from Chris and Amber. Good folks and crew there. Shopped around and made the right decision to buy my first BBQ pit from them. I'm a novice and all of my cooks so far have been very well received. The best tools are easier to work with. Lone Star Grillz are the best. Just ask my jealous neighbors.

Jim and Nancy Gates
Gulf Coast of Mississippi

Insulated Smoker

Chris / Amber, Many thanks for your continued support and apologies for not confirming the smoker delivery until today. Work has been hectic and fun time has been short. The upright smoker was received on Thursday, July 2, 2015. The shipping company was very helpful and delivered same day notified once I connected with the right person. The truck driver made contact 30 minutes prior to delivery, was on time and placed the smoker on my driveway. Could not have not asked for a better experience. A neighbor's employee assisted me to remove the smoker from crate and to place it in back yard. Pictures confirm detail placed on packing ensuring smoker was delivered scratch free. I recommend painting and purchasing a custom cover as advertised on your web site. On Sunday, I seasoned the smoker and smoked four half bone in chickens along with three meaty baby backs ribs. Marinade was wet and comprised of Korean Hot Bean paste, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, salt and Mirin. This is the same marinade used at Heirloom BBQ in ATL. Results were good and with practice should be great.  
Thanks again for delivering on promise. I look forward to feeding my family and friends many meals. Carlos 

Mini Insulated Smoker

I finally got my smoker installed in my outdoor kitchen over the weekend and it looks great. I have used the smoker twice already and it works as great as it looks. I attached some pictures.  

Thanks Chris Pulley


Insulated Smoker

Hi Amber,

I just wanted to report that I completed my first KCBS cooking contest last weekend and my Lonestar cooked flawlessly. While I now have a whole new level of respect for Pitmasters as I only have helped out in the past.
I set it at 250 and it held like a rock with a 25 cfm Guru.

Thank you for building such a great smoker.


24 X 36 SMOKER

Chris and Amber

I finally got a chance to Thank You for such a wonderful cooking and beautiful eye candy of my smoker. This was a present from my kids and i love it. Your Customer Service and your Workmanship is second to none. Again Thanks for a great unit.


​Alvin Antoine Jr

24" x 72" trailer pit

Chris and Amber

I picked up my trailer pit on 07-31-15 and I am so exited to start cooking like the pros. I want to thank you'll for building this great pit, I am already getting complements on it and haven't even broke it in. I will definitely do business with Lonestargrillz again. Chris and Amber are a awesome couple with a great business. I know I will get good use out of my pit for many years to come..........Thank you. 


Chris and Amber,

Thanks again.  

24''x36'' Smoker

Attached is a picture from my first burn. About 45 people ages 0-90, ribs lasted 20 minutes, about the amount of time it took for people to go through the line. Every one was very impressed, as was I. You're smoker performed flawlessly, and cooked very efficiently. If I end up getting into catering, I know where to go for a mobile smoker.

Thank you for a job well done,

24''x60'' Trailer Pit

Chris and Amber,

Wow! I just wanted to share how impressed I am with the trailer! The construction is unbelievable! While seasoning it I had a neighbor come by to check it out. Come to find out he has a been a welder for 35 years and was very impressed with your work. His words, “I can’t believe the seals on the doors are that tight. There is nothing coming out of them.” I was also able to cook some ribs on it this weekend as well. I honestly got bored because the cooker held temps so well and is very fuel efficient. I set up the tuning plates per the instructions and currently have a little less than 10 degree difference. Can’t say enough good things about your product or your service. Thanks again for putting up with me. Y’all are awesome and hope your business continues to grow!
David A. Green
24''x36'' Offset Pipe Smoker

Hi, Amber and Chris.

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for my new smoker that I arrived a few weeks ago. I couldn't be happier. I've cooked on it five or six times so far, and love it. My first couple cooks weren't the best, but I expected that it would take time to get used to a new cooker so I was cooking cheap pork butt. Now I have no problem keeping it at a perfect temp throughout the cook, and made an amazing brisket and short ribs last weekend. I'm amazed at how easy it is to get even temp across the entire cook surface, and am so glad that you talked me out of a reverse flow.

Thanks again, and take care. I love my smoker. Thanks again.

-- Joe

24''x36'' Offset Pipe Smoker

My smoker came today and I got it unloaded. Your quality is truly amazing and second to none. It's obvious you take pride in your work. I couldn't have gotten a better retirement present. I will always refer people looking for a quality grill to your company. That's if I can find someone in California that enjoys real flavor rather than propane. Can't wait to get out this state but wherever I end up my lonestar will be right beside me 

Thanks again,

Mike Fuller

Ross Hebert

Product 24 by 48 smoker with vertical smoker

 Hey Chris: 
I've been cooking for over a year in my pit and all I can say is it's a cooking machine. I smoked 4 hams today on Labor Day and they came out great. My only problem with the pit is that as soon as my neighbors catch the smell of my pit going they all want to bring over their meat to cook on it. Keep up the good work.

24'' Offset Vertical
​Just recently picked up my offset vertical, and wanted to comment. First y'all were very easy to deal with, which is very important, no pressure sales pitch. Second I've been smoking meats about 40 years and this smoker is the easy pit I've ever used. Once it gets hot and stable, it's just a matter of adding wood one stick at a time. Great PIT.

Wayne Smith
Magnolia, Texas

Just wanted to let you know that our team, River Rats BBQ, won overall Grand Champion at Fall on the Frio in Concan, Texas. The pit ran amazing, using very little fuel and running an awesome temp for 18 hours. We had a lot of people come by our area who admired your work. I passed along all the great and positive experiences I had in meeting you and Amber and the process of buying a pit. I'm hoping that will lead to some future visitors for you. Just wanted to pass along our good weekend on a now Grand Champion BBQ rig. (Even united Longhorns and Aggies)

Thanks again,

-Javier Ruiz


I bought this smoker from you in 2011 I think and it's still going . Thank you for the great product! 

John Lopez
Sean Murray

"Mini" Insulated smoker

  Just a note to say thank you to Chris and Amber for this experience! I researched for almost a year to finally decide on this smoker. I couldn't be anymore happy with this purchase! Dealing with both Chris and Amber was fantastic, they were very helpful all the way through this process. Answered all my questions. The smoker arrived and as one friend of mine said, " looks like a piece of artwork". That's exactly what it is, expertly crafted and solid smoker that will last me for years to come. I highly recommend buying from Lone Star Grillz!


Brett Stephanow

Offset Smoker

Relocated from Texas to Pittsburgh for the shale boom. These people hardly sell brisket up here unless its corned! Ordered my pit from LSG and they shipped to my door. 3 years old and not a spot of rust. Best pit I've owned in years. Went with the 1/2" fire box, this thing holds steady heat even in the snow!

Cook with mesquite and neighbors thought I was burning trash. Now they flock to the pit every time they smell the smoke.

thank you guys!



Even though I bought the vertical smoker from a third party Amber was a real help.  She helped me with all the Accessories that I asked her for she is great to upgrade the smoker.  
The smoker cooks great holds temp.  I have other smokers and this smoker is top shelf.

 Thanks Amber

 Ben Vasquez


​Ray B Douglas

24x60 Pipe & large verical Insulated smoker

Before buying my grills I scoured the net and fortuitously came across Lone Star (LS), luckily for me!!! Comparing feature to feature with competitive smokers, for the price, LS units I bought won handily. They reflect the adage "form follows function", my two function flawlessly while looking outstanding. The craftsmanship and design (excellently thought-out) are exceptional allowing for easy maintenance and future enhancements--which I've recently availed my units of. The units cook flawlessly and are sealed tighter than a frog's ...hole--which is "water tight"!!! While both units are equally superb
in their respective ways, to me my 24x60 pipe smoker is more equal. Once seasoned and calibrated it cooks like a champ; properly loaded with charcoal briquettes, it will run for six hours, compared to the dinosaurs I used to cook with there's no comparison!!!

Lastly, the customer service is outstanding, which now days is almost nonexistent in my experience. My dealings have been exclusively with Amber, who I guess is the CEO, unofficially! Service is courteous, expeditious and efficacious. I'm far from easy to please and sparse with praise, but this husband and wife run business exceeds expectations in product and service. If anyone reading this testimonial is contemplating buying a unit from these folks, but finds a letter overall value proposition--product craftsmanship, features, & price--please inform me; I'll sell my units and buy from the pit builder you've identified overall more competitive!!! I won't hold my breath!!!!!!

​24''x48'' Charcoal Grill

We picked up our grill last summer and have enjoyed cooking on it ever since. I usually cook for my wife and my self, sometimes for small family gatherings. Last Saturday we cooked for about 125 people for an annual Easter celebration that my best friend puts on for his family. The grill once again exceeded our expectations and we could not be happier. Thanks for a great product.  

Ricky and Julia Raley

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