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24''x48'' Lone Star Grillz Trailer Pit
24''x84'' Lone Star Grillz Trailer Pit
24''x60'' Lone Star Grillz Trailer Pit with Vertical Slow Smoker

24''x72'' Lone Star Grillz Trailer Pit with Vertical Slow Smoker

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Lone Star Grillz
 is now a State of Texas licensed trailer manufacture.  When you purchase one of our trailer pits rest assured that you will not have any trouble registering your pit anywhere in the US or Canada.  Our trailers will have a VIN # registered with the NHTAS and SAE international.  All trailers will have a Manufactures Certificate of Origin with matching VIN.  This will assure all our trailers will register anywhere with ease.  
Please beware 
of others who don't take the same care to properly identify the trailer or do not posses the proper licenses.  New state laws make it unlawful to register a trailer as a home built trailer if you did not build it and can not provide receipts for all materials. A farm trailer if its not 100% for farm use.  Or a utility trailer if it doesn't have a VIN & MCO.  Law enforcement have and will impound them until you can prove its not stolen and a bill of sale is not enough sometimes to get it back. 
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Searching for the perfect grill for your next tailgating party? Lone Star Grillz has the perfect BBQ pit trailer for you! We can create a custom BBQ trailer to fit your specific needs. From enjoying perfectly grilled burgers at the game to smoking meats while camping, we have a BBQ trailer for everyone. Here at Lone Star Grillz, we take pride in creating a unique product that is more than durable enough to withstand the rigor of everyday use. Our custom grills and smokers are made with high-quality materials and are affordably priced. 

Lone Star Grillz's BBQ pit trailers are also designed custom to fit with your vehicle, so you can take your grill or smoker anywhere. No matter your needs or budget, we’ll be able to find a solution for you!  
Click On Pictures For More Details On Each of the Trailer Pits
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