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Lone star grillz is a family owned business, In business since 1997

•We accept cash, check, visa, master card, and discover and 

•All our products and materials are made in the USA

•All our products are of the highest quality, we take the utmost pride in our work, but unlike our competitors our products are fairly priced allowing everyone the opportunity to own a quality fire pit , grill, or smoker

•We offer quantity discounts as well as whole sale pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q-  Do you keep all your items in stock?
A- We try to keep our fire pits, and accessories in stock, however inventory can fluctuate depending on demand.  Please call ahead to see what is currently available.  Smokers, grills, and trailer pits are most often built to order, this allows us to keep cost down and customize your pit to your specific needs.  We do try to keep a couple smokers and grills in our most popular sizes on display in our showroom.

Q-If I want to custom order a pit how long does it take?
A-All orders are filled on a first come first serve basis, and generally take 2-20 weeks depending on size and complexity of the project.  Please call for most current lead times.

Q-Do you ship products or do I have to come and pick them up?
A-All prices are FOB our shop, for an addition cost we ship UPS, FedEx, And large items ship motor freight.  Please contact us for a shipping quote.  All motor freight shipments will have a addition crating charge added to ensure your product makes it to your in one piece.  

Q-What if my item arrives damaged.
A-We take every precaution to ensure your item arrives to you in pristine condition, however in the event your item arrives damaged it is important that you note it on the Bill Of Lading before signing it, then you must contact us immediately as time is of importance in filing a claim   (please contact us if you need assistance with this).  If the item is damaged beyond repair refuse shipment DON'T SIGN ANYTHING and once its back at our facility we will repair it or replace it.  It is extremely important that any damage is noted on the bill of lading at delivery otherwise this virtually eliminates any recourse with the carrier for a claim.

Q-What if I need to return an item?
A-Please contact us to make arrangements if something needs to be returned, once approved we can make arrangements for return shipping.  Returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee and shipping and handling are non refundable.   This applies only to stock/standard items, custom orders are not returnable unless damaged upon arrival  (please see above for instructions on returning items damaged during shipping) Refunds (less shipping and handling and applicable restocking fee) will be applied once item arrives at our location in its original condition

Q-Do you deliver items to customers?
A-No but we can recommend one of several local delivery companies that can help you with local deliveries. 

Q-Do you ship trailer pits?
A-Yes we can ship trailers in one of three ways.  The most economical is to have it towed to you and pricing is per mile.  The  next method is to have it shipped to you on a car hauler, also priced per mile.   The most expensive is to have it crated and shipped common carrier. 

Q-What are your payment terms?
A-We require a 50% deposit on all orders not already in stock.   If we have a item in stock we may ask for a small non-refundable deposit to hold the item for you if you are not picking up the item in a short amount of time.  All cancelled orders are subject to a 10%  fee, and any custom orders already in production or finished are subject to a 50% restocking fee (restocking fees will only apply to orders once we have begun fabrication).  We gladly accept cash, check, Master card, Visa, and Discover card.

Q-Do you offer financing or Lay-A-Way plans.
A-Yes we do offer Financing

Q-Do you offer Military discounts.
A-We very much appreciate what our men and women in the services do for us and gladly offer discounts to current members of the armed services as well as veterans. Please contact us for details.

Q-What  type of materials are your pits made from?
A-Our pits are made from new steel pipe, new steel plate, and new stainless steel.  We never build pits from used pipe or plate, and most certainly never build pits from used propane tanks.   We believe that if your spending this much money on a pit it should be made from the finest materials, not a re-purposed propane tank, or used pipe.

Q-Can I come and look at your pits before I decide to buy one?
A-Absolutely, but as mentioned above we don't stock all items at any given time.  We always have customers projects in different stages of completion so you can get an idea of the workmanship that goes into our products, and we have a showroom with some of the models on display.  Even if we don't have the particular model you are interested in you are more than welcome to stop by our 10000sq/ft mfg shop to see what we have going on.

Q-I don't see the size or type of pit I want on your site, do you make other sizes and styles?
A-Yes bring us your design or ask us to help you with one that will fit your needs.   We are a full service Fab Shop with CNC plasma, CAD Design, Press Brake, Powder Coating, Painting, as well as welding in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Contact us with your requests.  We will also tell you if we think your custom project isn't  feasible  or will not work,  we believe honesty is the best policy and would rather guide you in the right direction as opposed to selling you something that we know wont work.

Q- How Do I season my new Smoker or grill?
A-You can use any type of cooking oil, lard or cooking fat (Pam is the simplest way to do this since it comes in a spray can).  Simply wipe or spray the entire inside or your new pit or grill coating everything on the inside nothing on the outside including the inside of the fire box.  Start a small fire with wood,  or charcoal and do not exceed 250 degrees on your temp gauge during the seasoning process (225 degrees is better) for 3-6 hours.  It is very important not to go above 250 degrees during seasoning because even though we use high temp paint, the paint must be heat cured before it reaches its full temperature resistant properties and can blister if it is heated to high before curing properly.  Do not use a charcoal basket or gas assist during the seasoning process.  Do not set anything on top of the smoker or fire box while seasoning the smoker (dont preheat logs on top of the fire box until after the paint is cured)

Q-How should I clean my new grill or smoker?
A-For all painted surfaces you can mix 1 part cooking oil with 2 parts water in a squirt bottle or you can also use a spray cooking oil like Pam.   Lightly coat the outside with this mixture and wipe clean.  If you see any rust forming a little extra in that area will help stop it.  On the fire box before starting your fire the same oil water mixture should be reapplied to the outside of the fire box but not wiped off.  Once the steel here gets hot it will penetrate the steel and from a patina similar to cast iron cook wear drastically reducing paint failure and rust on these surfaces (typically the first place to rust on the smoker because of the high temp sifts and expansion and contraction of the steel).  Do not apply cleaning solution until after you have seasoned and cured your pit.   

For stainless steel surfaces any "food safe" stainless steel cleaner will work.

For food grates there are many schools of thought. Some prefer a sterile grate each and every time they cook and others never clean their food grates.  A simple wire brushing from time to time will do fine or even a pressure washer for those who like a little more thorough job.  Just remember to not use any soap products as they will leave residue on the grates which will transfer to your food.  It never hurts to reapply cooking oil to the grates before or after each use, this will protect from rust and create a non-stick surface.

It is important to remove all ashes from the fire box and drain any water and fat from the water reservoir after each use.  Before and after each use it is recommend  that you apply your preferred cooking oil spray (straight cooking oil same as you used to season the smoker not your cleaning solution) to the inside of the fire box to prevent rust.  This is a must if you want to prevent your fire box from burning out over time.
) to the inside of the fire box to prevent rusting.
Q-How do I tune my new smoker?
A-You will have 2-8 plates with your pit depending on size.
Standing in front of the pit you would place the first plate all the way to the right next to the fire box baffle
Second plate will have a 1/4''-3/8'' gap
Third plate will have a 1/2''-3/4'' gap
Fourth plate will have a 1''- 1 1/2'' gap
Any additional plates will roughly double the space of the plate before it.  If you have a vertical offset your first gap will be 3/4'' and the second gap will be double that, if you have the 30'' vertical the third gap will be double the second gap.
This is your starting place. You will need to place one oven thermometer on the bottom grate to the right side and one on the bottom grate to the left side.
While you're seasoning the pit is the perfect time to tune it 
Wait about 2 hours after starting your fire so everything has heated up and evened out, open both doors and check both gauges you placed inside.
If it's hotter on the fire box side your gaps are too big, if its cooler on the fire box side your gaps are too small.
Make very small adjustments accordingly and wait about 45 mins before checking again, if necessary repeat until it's even.
Using water in the bottom of the pit will help further in tuning the pit and making the chamber more even in temp not just left to right but top to bottom (top will still be hotter than the bottom rack since heat rises)
Once you have the plates were you like them it is helpful to mark their position with an engraver, chisel, screw driver, etc. This way when you take them out to clean, grill, or set the pit up for multiple temp zones you will know where they go back without repeating the tuning process. 

You can also slide all the plates together to the fire box side which will give you a cooler zone near the fire box this side will receive less smoke which is perfect for delicate items like fish.   Remove the plates completely and you will have multiple temp zones which you can cook at simultaneously. 
Q-Do you make reverse flow smokers?
A-We don't do revers flow because our tuning plates work better for several reasons.
With revers flow the plate is fixed in place making it hard or impossible to clean out grease underneath, our tuning plates are removable making cleaning a breeze.
With our tuning plates I can get the main chamber of my pits less than 5 degrees difference from one side to the other at the grate level. Despite their claims when tested reverse flow pits cant come close to that kind of temperature balance from one side to the other, in fact all they have done is move the hot spot from the fire box side to the opposite end.
With reverse flow the plate is typically welded or fixed in place only giving you one option in temp control, with our adjustable tuning plates they can be arranged in many ways giving you even temps, hot and cold zones, etc.  With my pits you can cook at one temp across the grate or at multiple temps across the grates at the same time giving you the flexibility needed depending on what you cook.
Reverse flow requires a much larger fire to maintain the same chamber cooking temp compared to our pits.
Reverse flow pits have a harder time maintaining a good draw and can as a result leave food tasting bitter if not careful 
Bottom line for the best possible results and ease of use we only build pits with our tuning plates.
Directions from Interstate 45

North bound lanes (coming from Houston) exit #102 make the U turn over the bridge headed back south and stay on feeder road, we will be on the right 1 1/2 miles from the bridge.

South bound lanes (coming from Dallas) exit #103 and stay on feeder rd, we are approximately 3 1/2 miles on the right
Hours Of Operation
Monday -Friday 8am- 5pm

Q-Can we use your smokers inside or are they UL rated?  Can we use your smokers in a commercial application?
A-Our smokers are not UL rated for indoor use and should not be used indoors.  Yes you can use our products in a commercial application however any installation should be done in accordance with local codes and ordinances, approved by your local fire marshall, and done outdoors. 
Options up to 36 Months
Finance Your Pit, Accessories, & Shipping
Options up to 36 Months
Finance Your Pit, Accessories, & Shipping
Q-Do you offer a warranty on your products?
A-Yes we warranty our workmanship for a period of 5 years, this does not include wear items or the finish.
We warranty our 1/2'' thick fire grates for a "Lifetime" and we warranty our 1/2'' fire boxes for a "lifetime" against burnout.  This does not apply to commercial applications and care and maintenance instructions must be followed for warranty to be honored.  Abuse or misuse are not covered under any of our warranties. Instructions for care and maintenance can be found here on the site and are included with the purchase of every smoker and grill.   The warranty only covers materials and labor (to be done at our facility in Willis, TX), it does not include any shipping or transportation cost associated with any needed repairs.  The term "lifetime" is defined as a period not to exceed 10 years and only applies to the original purchaser calculated from the date of purchase.
Here at Lone Star Grillz we make every effort to keep our Web Site, Literature, and Pricing up to date however we operate in a "Continual Improvement Process" environment were we are always seeking ways to improve our products and processes.  We reserve the right at any time to change any products in this effort.